Monday, November 12, 2012

Madisons @ Bangsar


On a friend's birthday, I made a dinner reservation at Madisons with Peter, owner of the other four restaurants: Opus Bistro, Leonardo's and Cava along Jalan Bangkung in Bangsar.

I later also read that the head chef of Madisons was the Australian Chef Kelly Delaney who previously headed Auge Ristorante in Adelaide.

What I loved about Madisons was the service and common sense that many of the restaurants these days lack. They handled my birthday cake very well and have enough sense to call me to one side when it was time to lit the candles.

Madisons offer some delicate fancy appetizers which would not agree to patrons who were expecting a stomach satisfying starters; but thankfully they serve rather big portioned main courses so that compensated things.


cured meat platter

mediocre Waldorf salad priced at RM27, a little steep for something so light, you can find a whole sliced apple inside the salad.

lovely chicken liver parfait, fit for only one person to eat (not to share) with dollops of Chianti jelly and baby pears  to tantalize the taste-buds; would do with more baguette slices though.


An unusual pasta, oxtail pappardelle sheets. Nothing beats freshly made homemade thick slices of pasta all hot and steamy dropping with oxtail meat and juices fused in your mouth.

my favourite dish of all time, risotto. Not just risotto, pork belly risotto. This must be someone's prayers answered.

Giant potato gnocchi. Carb overload but it was heavenly, creamy and a raw egg yolk in the middle made this dish a carb craver's dream come true. Is that bacon hiding in them cream?

some pork loin with cripsy bacon on it. This was rather tough but necessary for the night as it was the only meat on the table. So it was wiped clean along with all the other pastas.

We didn't order dessert because one, we were so full; two, I have a mille crepe blueberry peanut butter cake from Humble Beginnings waiting in the kitchen's fridge to be served.

The restaurant ended our night with a sweet note by lighting the candles on the cake, taking it back, cut and served them in a fancy looking stone plate with peanut and chocolate cookie crumbs and chocolate sauce. That's personalisation and good service for bonus points.


I will return for dessert another day.

Jalan Bangkung,
Tel: 03-2092-1222
Closed Sundays.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Humble Beginnings Mille Crepe @ Bangsar


A friend Amos who owns Humble Beginnings invited me over for a tasting one day at his shop in Bangsar.

I've always loved Mille Crepe cakes and coming from Melaka, where Mille Crepe cakes first began in Malaysia, it's always a dessert that's rather close to heart, a pride almost.


Situated behind Telawi street, right next to Subway sharing a corner is a very humble outlet littered with tulip designs.




They have18 flavors of Mille Crepe cakes to choose from and they usually take online or phone orders with delivery, if you walk in to the shop you can buy a piece but the choices will depend on the availability that day.




My favourite flavor has got to be the Blueberry Peanut Butter. A unique selection and surprisingly good combination.

I love their packaging as well, and coincidentally I was wearing a polka dot dress which fit the theme of the shop, so we did a little camwhoring too. Hehe.



Owner Amos and I


Humble Beginnings

30, Jalan Telawi Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur 59100 Malaysia
Tel: +603 2282 8035