Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lintillac, Paris

I paid a visit to this restaurant after reviewing some good reviews about affordable but good foie gras served here.

But what I got was disappointment beyond contempt. I wouldn't say it was worse than my previous dining experience in another French establishment, but it's pretty bad.


First of all, to avoid disappointment, I called up early a day before to make a reservation.
And when I arrived, it was still early and we were the first customers there. It was empty.

When provided our name, we were adjourned to our table, a tiny laden square located just in front of the TOILET and the wine shelves!


We asked to change table but they said it was all fully booked, even though it was still extremely early and the restaurant was empty. When we asked why were we placed in such a horrible seating even though we reserved, they said we never specified which seating we wanted. So what? You just put us in the worst seating in the restaurant possible?

I don't believe that every single patron of the restaurant that was scheduled to come in for dining at least 1.5 HOURS later have requested to sit at a particular seating in the restaurant. Being very hungry and not wanting to walk more to look for restaurants, I even suggested that we could eat really fast and be gone before their guests arrive, and they refused. I strongly believed they were being prejudice, it was my first experience of racism in Paris.

wine we ordered

So the whole night I was dining next to the wine shelves where the waiters literally reached over (in front of me!) to grab the wine bottles every so often for their arriving guests. It was utterly rude and extremely bad attitude. I bet they were laughing at us behind the bars: "dumb Asians, won't leave even after we pester them so".

If I knew this was going to be this way, I would have left, but like I said, I was too hungry to begin with, and really wanted to just eat and leave.

I ordered some of the dish that were suggested online, and to my dismay, none of them but one lived up to my standards.

This must be the saddest piece of Foie Gras pate I've seen in Paris. The pate itself was smooth, but the pairing was poor. I can't even remember if they gave us breads.

the Foie Gras de Canard was another mediocre dish. It was nice, as most cooked well foie gras would, but again, nothing special. No sauce whatsoeve, only couple of plums to pair with. I might as well bring home a piece of foie gras from the supermarket, seasoned with salt and pepper and seared it myself.

my partner ordered the duck confit, I've never been of a fan of duck confit so I wouldn't know how to comment on this dish. Though it was a pretty small dish.

The only thing that excelled superbly in this restaurant was their chocolate mousse, however the sad the presentation was.


Sadly, I got wasted that night after finishing half a bottle of wine and puked out all my delicious chocolate mousse onto Paris pavement not long after.