Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mobile KFC

mobile kfc

And you wonder why Malaysians are getting fatter nowadays.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Smiley Cookie

Cookie that smiles, makes me smile...

smiley cookie


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Afternoon Tea @ Winter Warmers

One of my favourite place for a promising afternoon tea is at Winter Warmers.

hot pot of tea

They have a series of pretty Bone China Tea Cups which I absolutely adore.

teacup and honey

pretty teacup

With such quality tea sets, Winter Warmers provides a very elusive tea time experience for its customers. I was awed by their quality tableware and very English settings in the place.

My personal favourite is their mix fruit cocktail tea.

mix fruit cocktail tea

Which is utterly gorgeous and has a very strong fruity fragrant that brings out the sensual aroma which will teleport you instantly to Cameron Highland. The cool breezy tea plantation and fruit farms, hundreds of hill loops that can go on forever.

If you fancy a latte instead of tea, they have pretty good Italian coffee. Or well, a latte.

green tea latte

What is afternoon tea without a bit of afternoon snacks?

3-tier afternoon tea

I simply love the 3-tier design which most hotels usually serve for their afternoon teas, for a price of RM29.90 for two. It's really reasonable.

scones and sandwich

Afternoon teas are usually eaten from bottom to top, starting with heavier food like scones and sandwich, moving up to cakes and then finally some tit-bits of sweets and biscuits.


"So, would you like a cuppa tea?"

Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House

Lot no 0bk3 (A)&b.k.3(B), Ground Floor,
Oasis Boulevard Sunway Pryamid,
No.3, Jalan PJS11/15, Bandar sunway,
46150, P.J., Selangor

Tel: 603 74921008

Lot-G-86 Jln PJU 7/3,
The Curve
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 603 77250848

Sunday, July 13, 2008

KFC Peking Sauce Chicken Wrap, China

When I was in Shanghai, I made my virgin trip to the KFC in China.

kfc menu

There seemed to be more burger selections than our usual chicken platter, which is odd. Does Chinese love burgers more than chicken?

kfc menu 2

I know I would choose burgers over chicken anyday, but then again I'm not exactly chinese (figurative). I don't eat rice, I hate steamboat and I can't take spicy food.

My lunch that day was a wrap stuffed with chicken and assumably peking duck sauce. Mmm.. I like peking duck, and the sauce.

chicken wrap in peking sauce

Reminded me of the Twister they used to have in Malaysia KFC. I wonder why they banish the item from menu, it used to be the only reason I visited KFC.


peking chicken wrap

The peking duck sauce didn't sink in till after the third bite, it would be good if they were to drizzled more mayo and sauce into. More vege would perfect it, but then again this is afterall KFC.

It's quite nice. Not over the top nice, but nice enough to order it again.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Dark M&M

It's dark.

It's mysterious.

dark m&m

It's the dark chocolate M&M. Dream come true!

Bloody thing cost me 60 baht in Phuket airport.

Don't they have something like this in Malaysia already? I remember it being in purple colour.

I prefer this packaging though.

colorful dark m&m

And they even have a white color M&M inside! :D New color. I like.

Now if only they can come out with the peanut butter dark M&M.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

DELIcious, Kuala Lumpur

Ever since my first stumbled across this little cafe when it first opened in 1Utama shopping mall before it moved down to the ground floor (it was initially on the first floor and behind its own boutique), I fell in love and am still in love with their Death by Chocolate and Black Forest in a Cup.

dessert counter

dessert counter 2

Though I didn't know the name of the cafe was DELIcious back then.

delicious in KL

Since then, they have branched out to two other outlets in Klang Valley. One is Bangsar Village 2, and the other, is here, in KL itself.

delicious ceiling design

delicious settings

I've always love their bird cage settings, it gives a sort of ambience that allows people to sit there whole day listening to their ipods and blog. Ermm.. Maybe I should do that one day.

masive crowd

And I have loved two dishes they served since the day they opened. Not because it was superb or anything, simply because I love pasta, a lot. Especially Carbonara.


I have tasted nicer Carbonara else where but this is rather sinful too. (good for my tastebud, bad for my waist)


Their bolognese wasn't that impressive though. I definitely had better.

I tried the Berrilicious Chocolate Pavola, don't ask me what it is. But I quite like it.

berrilicious chocolate pavola

The strawberries were what attracted my initially, but despite a soft looking bottom. It's actually crispy and sweet, very tantalising. It gets too sweet after a while though, which is why it's best eaten with the not to sweet whip cream and strawberries.

berrilicious chocolate pavola eaten

Dessert and Ambience Rating: 4/5
Food rating: 3.5/5 (I love their chicken pesto sandwich)

A-6-01, Ground Floor,
No3, Jalan Pinang, KL.
(Behind KLCC)

Contact: 603 2166 9099