Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hong Kee Tim Sum, Puchong

I’ve been hearing about a famous cheap (as in not 5 star dim sum cheap) dim sum branch around Damansara area called Hong Kee Tim Sum around the flogosphere.

And I realized, there’s an exactly same restaurant with the same design just near where I stay in Puchong. So this particular Wednesday morning, I decided to wake up early to pay a visit. (Wow, waking up early for food, doesn’t sound like me at all)

I reached the area around 10am (yes that’s pretty early for me k). It was rather empty, only a quarter of the restaurant occupied. I always hear that the branch in Damansara is always packed, so I considered myself lucky, it could also due to the fact it was a weekday late morning.

pork vege dumplings

These looks like Ha Gao (steam prawn dumpling) but they are not Ha Gao. It’s pork and vege inside and they are rather nice when dip in sweet sauce.

thai spring rolls

The Thai Spring Rolls is below par, it could have been a better dish if not for the chili seeds they sprinkled on top.

century egg siu mai

Century Egg Siu Mai, I like these when dip in sweet sauce, the pork are very filling but the mini century egg used that day might be a bit hard?

fried prawn dumplings

Fried Dumplings. I like fried dim sum, no matter how they fry it, it’s just taste nice with mayo. These are actually quite nice. I didn’t finish them though cause there was only me alone.

prawn fritters 2

The Prawn Fritters however are a must try. It’s the only dish I finished completely apart from the siu long pao (mini steam pork dumplings). It’s so crispy on the outside and the prawn fillings are really nice.

siu long pao

The second most expensive dish on the table, RM4 I think? I finished these, they are nice but I’ve had better Siu Long Pao else where though at a higher price.

siu long pao soup

The most expensive of all, Soup Siu Long Pao at RM5.50. There’s only dumpling inside, it’s nice but not worth the price.

fried cha siu pao

Fried Char Siu Pao. Erm, I prefer the steam one. But it’s a new try. I only ate half of a pao, left the rest.

fried cha siu yam (yu kok)

These are a no-no. The ones at SS2 are better. Wu Kok (or Fried Yam with Char Siu) are always a favourite dim sum of mine. But these totally ruin my love for Wu Kok.

fried banana prawn spring rolls

Erm… Fried Banana Prawn Spring Rolls, it’s suppose to be their specialty. But I think you need a very unique taste bud to appreciate this dish. Banana and prawn just doesn’t go well to me.

prawn paste stuffed brinjal

Yum yum, I love brinjals. They serve better Prawn Paste Stuffed Brinjal here than most Yong Tau Foo shop. Though I like it when the prawn paste is a bit softer, it’s just my preference.

I wanted to order the Char Lo Mai (Stir Fry Glutinous Rice) but they only serve it on a weekend. :( I heard it’s really awesome, guess I have to come another day.

My overall rating for this shop?

prawn fritter 1

Rating: 3/5. I miss my prawn fritters.

Hong Kee Tim Sum
No.31 Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: 03-83619522

No.18 & 20, Jalan SS22/25,
Damansara Jaya, 47400, Petaling Jaya.

No.38, Jalan USJ 9/5P,
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Operation Hour: 7am – 3pm

Monday, November 26, 2007

Cornettos Overload

Been staying with the Cornetto Love? Perhaps contestants for three weekends now.

And my god, they have a freaking fridge full of UNLIMITED supply of Cornettos in the house. Like literally, the fridge you see from supermarket or grocery stores (kedai runcit).

Everyday eat ice creams, I ate one so far. Can bring back as many as I want~~ o.O If I want. o.O!!!!!!

Will upload photos soon when I finally edit the video and post it in

Love being a blogger. Diet diet, so many hot guys must control diet.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Best Cheap Cheesecake

is from Secret Recipe.

New York Cheesecake, RM5.50

Nothing taste better,

eating cheesecake

except maybe for their Classic Cheesecake.

Secret Recipe outlets available throughout Malaysia.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Balls of Fury and Carl's Jr. Burgers

Yesterday I went to Mid Valley to catch the movie, Balls of Fury!

Favourite quote from movie “I like the way you handle my balls” (Maggie Q imitating lame pick up lines from lame men)

Second favourite quote: “It is better to die like a tiger, than to live like a pussy.” (said the blind Master Wong or James Hong)

The movie, is awefully funny. No really. It’s AWEFUL-ly funny.

It’s so bad it’s actually good. So lame and cheesy you would laugh your balls off. (pun intended)

And everyone puked when Maggie Q kissed Dan Fogler. Respect, pure respect.

Anyway, while waiting for the 1pm movie to start, and my date to show (it’s a girl and I won’t tell you who because she’s hot and I won’t give you her number), I walked pass this banner hanging outside Carl’s Jr.

carl's jr burger
Sorry I forgot my camera and have to resort to my phone camera.

*tummy rumbles*, oh damn…

“One Chili Cheeseburger like the one on the banner outside please” I said softly over the counter.

I don’t like burgers. Don’t ask me why and I don’t like them. Don’t eat them, hate them. The reason I ever used to visit Mcdonald was for their fries which I totally swear off now since the fries party.

Don’t ask me why I was dining at Carl’s Jr. Like I said “oh damn…”

They passed me a number tag and asked me to find a seat.

number tag

Erm… edge of seat?


edge of table
Lame joke, I know, shuddup.

My burger came.

chili cheeseburger

It’s no joke when they say it’s big.

cheeky tagline
*cough* I agree

So big can fit my face wei…

So I tried posing with it.

posing with burger

I tried holding it and it’s difficult to hold with one hand. Luckily I have long fingers.

burger face
Burger face

Burgers here are actually.. not bad. But I still dislike burgers, I didn’t finish the thing. It’s so bloody huge. I’ll recommend the chicken burger here, it’s actually pretty nice (my friend had that). But the chili cheeseburger.. erm erm… no comment.

Looks nothing like the banner.

carl's jr burger
Banner Burger

burger side view
Actual burger

But they have really HUGE burgers~~ That, I agree.

Carl's Jr.
Lot T-023, 3rd Floor, (Next to Cinema)
Mid Valley Megamall.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Curry Laksa at The Straits Cafe

I drove to Bandar Utama to hunt for Curry Laksa (or Curry Mee) the other day from Puchong despite rain and thunder, just because I was craving for Laksa suddenly.

In the end, I landed myself in Centre Point of Bandar Utama.


The straits café used to be standing shop-stand in the middle of the centre point on the open compound inside. But now they’ve moved to a corner shop situated just behind Black Cayon.

I used to come here for my weekly dose of Prawn Mee when I was staying in PJ almost two years ago. I even brought my mom here. To be honest, they serve a kiss ass prawn noodle I’ve tasted anywhere else, it could be a bit pricey coming at RM7.50 for a bowl for noodle but it’s so worth it cause I *heart* it.

But then I don’t feel like prawn noodle that day, maybe another day.

curry mee

I also ordered a cup of ice teh tarik to compromise with my dish.

teh tarik

Overall, it wasn’t a very impressive Curry Laksa, I definitely had better. Oh how I missed my favourite Sarawak Curry Laksa in Kuching. T_T

I don’t like it, it’s a smelly food.

The bill came and I thought it was alright provided the size of the bowl has always been able to impress me. (I’m a sucker for size… la la la)


Do come here for their prawn mee, which I would say it’s the ONLY thing you should order when you’re here.

The Straits Café
Lot G5 Ground Floor,
Centrepoint, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800, PJ, Selangor

Recommended dish: Prawn Mee

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The most hurtful thing I heard today

Friend: Shouldn't you be getting to work
Me: Yes, will do in a bit.
Friend: You should sleep early Nicole...
Me: But I usually sleep at 2am.
Friend: That's why you can't lose weight?!

I know I should have a more proper sleeping regime, I know I should follow a better diet plan, I know I should have more determination and gym more.

But I'm only human! I'm not perfect!

It still hurts to hear that from you.

Do you only like me better when I put on my make up and look 5 kg lighter?


my diet plan....

is so sad...

can die....

Will update about my regime tomorrow. *beg god I keep to my words to go down to gym*

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back to Basic

There you go.

It's all back to starting point.

Back to sucking in tummy and hopping around in my jeans which I obviously cannot fit into.

Back to gym gym and more gym, and fretting about not getting enough gym.

Few days back in hometown, few days of pampering and food force stuffed into my mouth because I was sick and I HAD to eat.

I'm back at the original weight I started at.

Plsss.. don't ask me the exact digits.

I shall go and kill myself now.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hometown Fear

One thing I'm terrified of coming back to my hometown is that I get overly pampered at home.

Mom cooks for me three times a day, with the help of the maid. My maid helped me do my laundry and wash my car. Because I hardly come back, my dad always stock up a lot of tit bits and junk food in the fridge just for me, and freshly cut fruits are always ready to be hand-picked from bowls.

Then they will cook a lot of nice herbal soup and make lots of honey lemon juice just to sooth my sorethroat. To see me better. And finish off with a hearty dinner I can't finish.

It's sweet.

But all I do is sleep and eat. That's it.

o.O when can I go to the gym~ Help~

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Oh Bugger

Was sick for one and a half day, weigh myself today.

I gained two kgs...


Is this water retention? Or simply because I couldn't move for two days and was simply eating and sleeping?

I ate a wrap for breakfast yesterday, a bag of chips and a handful of raisins last night.

Argh! Hate being sick.

Jogging tomorrow jogging tomorrow~~ Jog until I die...

Monday, November 5, 2007

On a roll, lose more lose more....

Clubbing is definitely one way to slim down.

It's fun, stress-releasing (yes I do have stress if you don't know) and you're unaware of the time you're working out when you're dancing away. Oh yea~

But my feet hurts so much. :(

And I really hate second hand smoke. They should ban indoor smoking like Ireland. Damnit.

Note: I lost another kg again. Yea me~

Friday, November 2, 2007

Open for Ideas

What do you do when you ran out of motivation to get going in the gym?

I mean I probably has the least determination person in the world. Usually it takes me 3 days to really gather myself to actually press the lift in my jogging shoes to hit the gym.

And it will take me another 3 gym trips to make me stay in gym for more than 10 minutes.

And the cycle goes.

I mean, gym is more boring. Why can't disco be a way to work out? Why??? Can it not?

BTW, I'm heading out to Zouk tonight. And I still have one assignment to finish. Damnit...

I'm open for ideas? Anyone share with me? Plss~~~