Saturday, September 27, 2008

Best Pork Chop in the World

is in Bangkok Chaktukchak market.

It's near the cutlery and plates section, near to a white wall exit (not the BTS entrance/exit).

pork chop vendor

They're Bangkok's signature dish and oh so juicy can die.

If you're ever in Thailand. Drop me a mail and I'll bring you over for a taste, free guide, on me. ;)

The offer stands as long as I'm staying here (which should be till March 2009). :)

pork chop

They're the juiciest sweetest thing you will ever find. Guaranteed! :D

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bunny Bento from Carrefour Bangkok

Woo hoo! This is my 100th entry for Nicolekiss food and diet. Still so little ppl wtf. LOL

I shall celebrate this grand event with some bentos I saw in Carrefour yesterday!

rabbit bento in carrefour bangkok

There's so many types of bunnies, and they're so cute.

rabbit bento in carrefour bangkok
it's actually the same photo, i just put there to confuse you.

I remember they have fried rice, curry rice, curry fried rice, seafood rice, etc.

25 baht rabbit bento
This bunny is holding three prawns. I thought bunnies are herbivores

for 25 baht (RM2.5) each, it's blinking cheap! They would have sold this in Japan for at least RM5. I think.

rabbit rice
This bunny is holding a carrot. omg so cute kan!

Come buy.. veli cheepp, veeellllliii cheeeep.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Are you happy?

I thought I should share some of my more personal thoughts here in my food blog rather than my main blog because I have way smaller audience and readers in this section.

You know when you are thin, you feel good about yourself because you can wear anything and look good in it. I am wishing I am thin at the moment so I can look good and feel good about myself right about now.

It's not that I am not confident, but there are days when you wake up and you feel totally crap about yourself, and it tends to happen more often when you are bloated and aren't exactly fitting into that skinny jeans of yours.

One of the most effective remedies I have found to losing weight, is to be happy. Contrary to popular belief, when I feel happy (like really happy, or even in love), I lose a hell lot of weight. I tend not to binge eat or stress eat, I want to do a lot of activities and happiness is the greatest medicine for suppressing your hunger. Kinda like how cigarettes work for some.

Recently I find myself humming throughout the day, for no particular reasons really. And I look forward to everyday that is to come. I love this feeling, it's like falling in love, with life and with the world.

And it didn't matter what the most negative thing can be said about you, you won't be affected no matter what because you're just too happy to care.

Happiness, is the key.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dim Sum / Yum Cha in Tao Tao Ju, Guangzhou

The best dim sum restaurant you can find in Guangzhou, according to the locals, albeit a bit expensive, is at Tao Tao Ju.

tao tao ju on the table

Head there at 2pm and wait among the rest of the crowd to queue for the yum cha session at 2:30pm. Everything you find would be at 50% off. Bloody worth it.

Some of the Dim Sum dish you have seen on my other blog are the Char Siew Sou and the egg tarts.

cha sao su

egg tarts

There were also...

half eaten chicken leg
Half eaten chicken feet.

siew mai dim sum
Which wasn't too bad.

ha gao
The Ha Gao, ok la.

pork ribs
The pork ribs, not my thing. Some ppl might like it.

And the very nice Jasmine Tea.

chinese tea

Food. Food. Food. What else is there in China really?

Other than lots of tombs and graveyards.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Australians are the fattest people in the world

Do you know that Australia is the fattest nation in the world at the moment?

I was not surprised when I went there. Everything there reminded me pretty much of England, only, bigger (pardon the pun).

Not just bigger in people, the country is big, the land is big, the words are big (BLOODY), the waves are big, the cultural diversity is big, even the food is enormously big. Especially the food really.

One serving is enough to feed three people in Malaysia.

me with my giant pork ribs

This is a ONE serving pork ribs.

Which is why..

after 5 weeks in Australia.

5 good cold fulfilling fat week.

I have officially gained 4.7KG.


Time for another diet. (I'm beginning to feel like a yo-yo)