Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gym, Determination and Movies

Today I went down to the gym,

and did a 5 minutes work out on the cycle.

5 Minutes!!

Well, better than nothing they say. I still feel stiff legs after that.

Dang it, it gets harder and your goal and determination seemed to drift further and further away as the day goes by.

These are the times when I fool myself by asking why there are girls out there, who don't need to work out much, eat smart (but don't really have to watch what they're eating); and then MAYBE I, too, can be like that.

And then I slack off.

*slap self*

Damn it, Nicole. YOU are different!! You are not blessed with a fit and slim figure or miraculously high metabolism rate and THEREFORE move that ARSE and work out babe!!

I am waiting for my dragon fruits to arrive.


Been putting off chocolates for some time but it gets tougher every day. I admit, I still do eat some chocolates every now and then (it's not easy swearing off addiction over night, or in a month); but at least I'm not having them all at one go.

I heard about one such Movie Therapy where by you watch chick flicks everyday (especially those with lots of hot babes in skimpy bikinis flaunting their tanned skin and delicious assets enough to make you wanna be them). This, usually will have two outcomes.

One, you will gather enough motivation EVERYDAY to work it out and be as HOT as those crazy hollywood stars and even enough determination to swear off junk food or sinful desserts.

Orrrr, two. You'll be so demoralised that you'll binge like nobody's business.


I think I'll get a DVD player tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I am Guilty. Dragon Fruits Save it All.

Yes I am. So guilty. Guilty as charged.

Is this the 7th? 8th? or is it 9th day of my detox? Gosh, I totally lost track. I don't think I ever follow it, coz you know what? It's just too difficult when your friends are asking you out every day for lunch and dinner.

The temptation is too much!

And it's rude to say no.

But... Ah... all is not lost.

Guess what? That 8/12 regime I mentioned. It really worked!!

I lost a total of...

*deng deng deng*

1 KG wtf

but but but... wait.. listen to me...

I only ever did it ONCE. YES ONCE!! It really works!!! And, I didn't even go on a detox diet. Not strictly anyway. I follow a one meal per day diet, and some fruits and snacks (though slightly unhealthy ones) during other times.

Oh, and I realised, sweet red dragon fruits are awesome detox food. They cleanse your system faster than you nearby drug store's laxatives can. And they're delicious too. And and and... they really 'pangs' those hunger. It's a fantastic snack and food.

I'm placing an order of 10 red delicious dragon fruit from my aunt, who grew a heck of sweet and large juicy dragon fruits. Yum Yum.

Can't wait for my next dragon fruit diet. I think I am getting a hang of this.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Detox Week - Day 6

Okay, the reason that's keeping me from eating any sort of food is that I have been keeping myself at home like a Hermit. There's nothing you can find in this house. Nothing.

Apart from the snacks that I brought back from Thailand and Japan, not even an instant noodle pack can be found on my drawer.

Which is kinda sad. Because when hungry creeks, those snacks are the only thing I attack.

Well, at least after a week of "Detoxing", I have nothing left in the house to eat. I still crave for chocolates though.

Breakfast: 5 Cookies

Lunch: 3 Cookies

Dinner: half a plate of pesto pasta + half a regular thin crust cheesy pizza (oh did I mention that despite me declaring a Hermit, friends never fail to ask me out for a drink, dinner, lunch, or movie every DAY! So yea, I have to narrow it down to one person per meal a day)

I should really get more fruits.

On day 6, I finally manage to wheel in enough butt energy to move myself down to the gym located downstairs to try out the 8/12 regime that was suggested before.

What is the 8/12 you say? There's a link in the previous post if you want to read the full article.

But basically, it suggests that instead of doing mundane exercise over a stretch of hours, or considerable long period of time in exercise sense (2 hours is very long); one should cut down on exercising hour, but do an alternate sprinting and slow pedalling.

Means, you max out your cycling process for 8 seconds (pedal as fast as your legs can bring you) and slow down for 12 seconds, then sprint for 8 seconds again. Repeat the process for 20 minutes. And the best part, only do it three times a week.

Claims to have "Triple the fat loss in half the time" effect.

Well, it might sound easy. But god! Try it and you will know why. This regime nearly killed me. And I only did it for 13 minutes. I reached the house feeling a bit pukey.

Will make up my 7 minutes today (which maybe will stretch it to 10 minutes).

Keep your fingers crossed, I don't ask for much, just 2 kg loss at the end of the week? :D

Monday, September 17, 2007

Detox Week - Day 3

My period hits today. Suddenly I have all the reasons in the world to binge. Which is not a good thing.

I have cravings for almost everything I've come across, but only today. And feeling cranky from morning didn't help on my diet control.

The pain was too much to endure thus exercising was definitely out of my topic.

Breakfast: Two ice creams cones o.O

Lunch: Dragon Fruit

Dinner: Half a plate of shell pasta alfredo from Italiannes

Deadly sins, oh why do I commit thee...

Someone sent me an interesting article today.

Read it here.

Might be helpful.

So tomorrow onwards, less cravings, less snackings, and more water. Will work on my 8/12 work out as the article suggests.

Weight: still not going to weigh myself as it might prove pointless.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Detox Week - Day 1

Going from a normal eating habit to a food-less one can be one of the toughest task to achieve, not to mention the toughest habit to kick.

I woke up in the morning drinking enough water to keep me hydrated. Till now, I refrain from installing a set of curtain in my living room (that's where I normally sleep despite owning a queen size bed in my bed room) because the sun light helps me maintain a healthy sleeping hour.

I wake up at 7 or 8 every morning, occasionally will dive into my Ikea blanket till 10am but that will be the maximum, that's when I wake up, go online, and see what's new in the world today.

As noon hit, I found myself snacking little-ly from my Japan snack box. Being a traveller, everything found around the house are imported. They are either from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, or any other country that I have travelled to in recent times.

A friend visited in the evening to help me format my PC, which has a bug to it. But in the end we ended having dinner outside and there goes my food-less day 1.

Morning & Afternoon: Two Pockys box

Evening: A plate of creamy seafood Alfredo (not so good for my dietary)

Exercise: Nil.

Can't be bothered to weigh myself today.

I don't deem to starve myself instantaneously, reducing food intake till I manage to hit complete detox seem more appropriate. Tomorrow is another day, another challenge.

Damn those chocolate looks so tantalising.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Start of a Food-less Week.


After returning from my Thailand, Japan and Vietnam trips back to back over the past three weeks. I am officially EIGHT kg heavier than when I managed to slide comfortable into that newly bought Levis Jeans of mine.

But now, I doubt I can fit into any of the existing jeans that I currently own.

I'm happy now, cause I have travelled to enough places and countries, tried enough food (dishes from three countries in less than a month) to settle myself down for at least one month before my travelling bug starts crawling again.

Which to my horror, if I am not mistaken, I thought I felt the bug tingling slightly today. But that could be just my imagination. I hope, if not I don't think my purse is going to be too happy about it.

Anyway, first day of Diet!

My weight in measure: 63 kg (that is a total of 8 kg heavier than five months ago)
My target weight: 53 kg

So I have 10 kg to lose.

Target weight to lose in the month of September: 5kg.

Which I don't think will be too difficult since most of the weight could be water retention.

Diet plan of Week 1: Detox

That includes lots of water, lots of fresh fruit juices, and lots of cardio exercises.

That means no meat, no fish, no fruits even, basically no solid food. No dairy products like milk or yogurt, and definitely no DESSERTS! Which is probably the most difficult part to conquer.

For the sake of my wardrobe, sacrifices must be made!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why do I create this blog?

This blog serves one sole purpose, to control and keep a record of my diet.

Yes, I am aware that I have gained a cosiderable amount of weight since early this year.

By considerable, it's 7 kg to be exact. And red light is blinking. If I do not take any precautions, I might even end up obese (if I am not already).

Lucky for some people, it is almost impossible for them to gain weight; as for others, gaining weight is only up to a certain limit.

Unfortunate for me, there is no limit.

I remember returning from England almost 3 years ago being 10 kg heavier than when I left. It was a serious issue for me, and I was desperate to lose weight.

If I do not take heed, god knows how heavy I am going to end up, maybe 100kg?

You might say I am shallow, or I am vain. Who isn't?

You might even say I am a fashion victim to be in this slim aneroxic world. Well to be frank, I am concern. I am concern how people look at me and I am concern about my appearance. And I know that when I am not happy about my appearance, or that my appearance does not give me confidence I need, and I can't take it as how it is and accept that fact that I am still beautiful though I'm fat; then it is time to do something about myself, is it time to change.

I am not sure about the ethics behind true beauty. I know that I want to do this for my own good, for health reasons and to serve as a confidence booster. Not for anyone else because I know my friends love me for who I am now even though I am chubby at the moment. :)

So why can't I lose weight?