Friday, November 27, 2009

Foo San @ Christchurch

Said to be one of the locals favourite yum cha (dim sum) restaurant in Christchurch, Foo San Restaurant was owned by a reader-turn-friend of mine.

foo san and danny
funny photo of Danny

Great service, friendly and sweet staff (especially Danny's parents) and good food.

Yum Cha (transliterate to 'drinking tea') in New Zealand has never been a cost-wise option, more a luxury dining than you're everyday meal.

foo san restaurant dim sum menu

But if you're born local, it's actually considered rather affordable.

yum cha menu

Almost everything on the menu was above my Kiwi's dim sum expectation, in other words, they were good.

dim sums

My favourite being the chicken feet, always the first dish I ordered when I 'yum cha'.

chicken feet

Portions were pretty generous in spite of being a foreign food in New Zealand.

deep fried spring rolls

yummy char siew pastry

But then again, what meal portion was never big in New Zealand. People there ate generously too.

However, their most popular dish was the fried calamari, the one odd dish that's more Western than Chinese.

favourite calamari

But the batter was nicely done and not oily at all. First bite guarantee your enlightenment as to why this dish was ever so popular.

First time for everything. Fried calamari dim sum.

rating: (I could be biased so let's just say it's 3.5/5)

Foo San Restaurant
6-8 Rountree St
Upper Riccarton
Christchurch City

Contact: (+64)(03) 348 4921

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Store @ Kekerengu

Whenever you make a drive down from Picton or Marlborough along the coast line toward Kaikoura or Christchurch. Be sure to make a stop at The Store.

the store at Kekerengu

Located in Kekerengu, between Blenheim town and Kaikoura.

The Store is a scenic and cozy cafe restaurant facing an ocean that runs quarter a mile a distance at the back.

the store entrance

This is where you get your local cuisine at its best in New Zealand.

backyard of the store kekerengu

the store kekerengu interior

I was brought here non-selectively but was glad that my drivers did (I was hitch-hiking down south).


It was foggy and cold that morning and they were stopping by for a coffee break. Germans do like their coffee, other than beers.



Since I wasn't a morning person but woke up to catch the ride down anyway, I decided to have my breakfast, a meal I skipped and has been skipping every morning.

Choosing among the hot chocolates and sandwiches, I decided on a good old Egg Benedict for my brekkie.

Not a bad meal, considering that you can't really go wrong with Egg Benedict. Despite the coldness, we sat outside so the couple could enjoy their puff while I, er... bathe in freezing wetness.

egg benedict ham

Maybe one day I'd come back for a proper meal in the evening when I visit NZ again.

The Store
State Highway 1, Kekerengu
New Zealand

Contact: +64 (03) 575 8600

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cheese Souffle @ Wairau River

If you're a fan of cheese.

Be sure to make a trip to Wairau River in Marlborough wine country when you're down to New Zealand.

wairau river glass

They serve the legendary cheese souffle most tourists to Marlborough would hunt for, for its rarity.

wairau river cheese souffle

wairau river restaurant

I don't particularly think there's a lot to be fancied about this dish, there are much improvement though I would think it's more of a savory souffle more than a dessert. I had expected a dessert-ish dish.

eating cheese souffle

But it's worth a try. And can be really filling.

Wairau River Cellar Door & Restaurant
Corner State Highway 6 & Rapaura Road

Open everyday from 10am - 5pm (except Good Friday, Xmas day & Boxing Day)
Lunch served 12pm - 3pm.

Contact: +6435729800 (or 03 572 9800 for local)