Monday, October 29, 2007

Who say clubbing isn't a work out?

Lies, all lies.

Disco dancing is such an exercise.

me and andy
Oh yea, Zouk last Saturday. Andy the captain. Nicole the kinky school girl. ^^

I can't feel my legs or hands and any bone in my body right now. Even though it has been two days!! (1 1/2 days la to be exact)

Bah. Cannot go gym la today.

Legs so pain how to jog?

Hands so pain how to lift weights? (not that I usually do)

Whole body so pain how to walk to the lift and press button down?

Just gonna sit and home and do crunches today. My tummy not pain, but it's hungry. -.-;;

zouk clubbing
Working it out

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Like The Days After PMS

I miraculously lost back one kg, and a further one kg after my period.

So that's a total of two Kgs lost in a day. :D Happy happy.

Water retention after PMS is no joke, especially for me.

Last night I treat myself to a sinful chocolate Bisou Cupcake.

I'm pretty sure I'm half a kg heavier today. Damn it, time to hit the gym.

My friend, Andy, dropped by on Sunday during the peak of my misery with his DSLR. I ended up in hundreds of snapshots with my pale, sickening look in his camera.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I hate period.

It means the hormones makes me unstable.

Sometimes PMS makes me wanna eat all the chocolates in the world, therefor ruining my diet.

Sometimes PMS makes me bloat like crazy, therefore looking like a fat water balloon.

Sometimes PMS makes me grumpy, sad, emotional and in need of love.

Sometimes PMS makes my uterus hurts like crazy, cold sweat spilling and I will just lie in bed whole day no moving, which is bad for my work out regime.

And this time,

PMS includes all of the above.

This is the worst PMS of all.

I am fat fat fat fat today.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stationary Phase

I feel that I am going through a phase where the weight just stubbornly maintain there. It's frustrating.

I would say I have been RATHER hardworking. Working out in the gym in between intervals (though I can only last for 10 minutes each time, those blacks staring at me freaks me out)

I only eat one apple for each meal, a hearty (one handful) oats and milk serving when I can't stand the hunger. Occasionally skipping a meal and go for Milo instead. But my weight just doesn't seem to co-operate!!!

*tipping-toe on weighing machine* "go down, go down"

*lean forward* "go left go left"

Have prepared for the worse to happen and might, god lords NO, postpone my plan this weekend to the next. Damnit!

Please tell me this is just a phase. Should I continue what I do or change regime?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Born a Chocoholic

It's not my fault I love chocolates so much I can't survive a day without chocolates. (which I did for a week till two days ago >_<)

You can't say it's my fault when it's in my genes that I was born to eat and love chocolates. (or born to love and eat chocolates, whichever order comes first)

And it's definitely can't be helped that my preference of diet are usually everything sinful (sugar, spices and everything nice)

According to Scientists, there's a type of bacteria living in digestive system of people like me that made us build a passion for eating chocolates (and a total different bacteria group for people who dislike chocolates).

""Our study shows that food preferences, including chocolate, might be programmed or imprinted into our metabolic system in such a way that the body becomes attuned to a particular diet," the author concluded." (Now you tell me)

I have to admit. I rather have evil bacterias living in my body than to miss all the good things in life. (Once a chocoholic, forever a chocoholic)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

An Apple A Day Keeps The Fat Doctor Away

Okay, I have an emergency case here.

Due to some personal reasons, I NEED to SHED 8kg this month. Is it even possible?

I mean this is an emergency! I will do anything! To lose 5kg in a week! (from today till seven days later)

My friend suggested one apple for each meal, three meals a day, no carbs intake. And consistent work out. Intense cardio gymming on the treadmills, the cycle, the steps. Everyday for seven days. This is only for emergency case, and strongly advised against anyone with health problem to do this.

Is it possible?! 5KG in a week?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Oats and Milk

Changing My Diet

I have been adopting a new diet recently for the past three days.

I call it the Oatmeal Diet.

oat's cereal

Well, my weight hasn’t exactly gone down, but there are improvements.

Bowel system seems to be improving for one. I used to constipate for the longest time, like a week!! And that really affects my mood, sometimes I have to rely on laxatives to keep me going (to the toilet). But since two days ago, I have visited the toilet on a daily basis.

Technically, the oatmeal diet consists of sugar-free oatmeal and milk, full cream milk for that matter. Now I know that full cream milk are fattening, so why didn’t I go for skimmed milk or fresh milk at least?

There are few reasons to this.

First, I once heard or read from somewhere, that despite skimmed or low fat milk have lower fat percentage in it, because of the skimming process, the milk loses flavor and therefore to make up for the lost flavor, manufacturer usually adds in food conditioner and other sorts of chemical which are harmful to the body. And therefore is it better to opt for fresh or full cream milk than low fat milk. The same concept applies to yogurt drinks, low fat drinks usually has higher sugar content than normal drinks.

Second, it’s bloody sugar-less oatmeal. Not your packaged prepared muesli that you can purchase from stores, those are delicious. I never really tried pure plain oats before, and thought that maybe the richness of the milk can satisfy my taste bud enough to swallow the meal.

And to be honest, it’s actually quite delicious.

Nicolekiss Oatmeal Ingredient:

- a cup of organic baby oats (you can buy this from Chinese herbs store)
- a handful of raisins (to add sweetness)
- fresh or full cream milk
- slice in a whole banana (optional)

One packet of oats can last you for half a week if you eat it for breakfast and dinner.

oat's cereal 2
The larger chunks are prunes

Simple, easy to make, cheap.

Try it.

Friday, October 5, 2007

I got my DVD player!

Yea you heard me!! Yea!!!!

I'm finally back from Melaka, suddenly it has already been a week. Staying at home with your parents and a maid who cooks on time is never a good thing.

Not a good thing at all.

So terrified to step on the weighing machine now.

Ignorance is a bliss.

But no matter! I got my DVD player!! EVERYONE is GOING to be ALRIGHT now!!! (please, don't spoil my hope)

Aircond, DVD player, a world of animation dream girls, lots of pillows and blankets. Even celery sticks seem to taste nicer now. I THINK. (I said don't screw up my hope, yet)


Monday, October 1, 2007

Long Legged Beauties

Oh no!! My aunt who sells fantastically sweet red dragon fruits has gone to Sabah for a week's holiday!

Why am I left to do?! No!!

Yesterday I was browsing through the net for some playboy hot chicks. Don't ask me why, I just did.

And jesus, I just don't understand how SO many girls out there can maintain a HOT body.


And you know what places an important role in having a HOT HOT body. No, it's not having impressive bosoms.

It's not having tone abs either, yes you will look great if you have one. But most asians have flat, tone-less tummy. They still look HAWT.

Good looks are one thing. But then those can be enhanced with make ups and photoshop.

The one thing cannot change. The thing that every girl who has it out there take for granted. And think that being absolute gorgeous are all about the clothings and make ups.

No. In fact. Those things are.....

legs that run for miles!


Long, slim, slender, toned legs are soooo HAWT.

You guys must think I am joking. Surely looks play an important part. Seriously, how many of you notice the face in the photo above at first glance?

If I have not made my point, look at this photo again.


Tell me again what are you looking at.

See see, I told you. It's the leg!! It's all about the leg.

Having long legs, you even look hot wearing the most casual outfit on the street WITH a simple short pants and you will still look incredibly HOT!!


Sigh... If only I am blessed with long legs. But since I am not. I guess the only way is to exercise and tone up my legs, lots of massages on the calves, less heels for now, not so much intense work out to prevent calves stiffness. Losing few pounds helps too, I realised that when I was lighter.

But if I have long legs, man I can wear leggings like this!


And NOT like this

leggings cellulite