Sunday, July 13, 2008

KFC Peking Sauce Chicken Wrap, China

When I was in Shanghai, I made my virgin trip to the KFC in China.

kfc menu

There seemed to be more burger selections than our usual chicken platter, which is odd. Does Chinese love burgers more than chicken?

kfc menu 2

I know I would choose burgers over chicken anyday, but then again I'm not exactly chinese (figurative). I don't eat rice, I hate steamboat and I can't take spicy food.

My lunch that day was a wrap stuffed with chicken and assumably peking duck sauce. Mmm.. I like peking duck, and the sauce.

chicken wrap in peking sauce

Reminded me of the Twister they used to have in Malaysia KFC. I wonder why they banish the item from menu, it used to be the only reason I visited KFC.


peking chicken wrap

The peking duck sauce didn't sink in till after the third bite, it would be good if they were to drizzled more mayo and sauce into. More vege would perfect it, but then again this is afterall KFC.

It's quite nice. Not over the top nice, but nice enough to order it again.


Ms. _______ 2 be ! said...

How much is it?
I like a peking wrap.

J.H said...

remind me of long john silver's wrap :-)

Anonymous said...

Do they still have the portugese egg tarts? They are yummy too!

Anonymous said...

I think we still have the twister here in canada, Ontario so if you ever visit you can have some. (@ . @)