Monday, August 25, 2008

Kangaroo Steak, Australia

Come to Australia and you have to at least try to buy your own Kkangaroo meat from your local supermarket to cook kangaroo steak. It's the cheapest meat you'll find in the land down under.

kangaroo steak 2

This meal is courtesy of Paul, my cousin's honey. :p

They say that kangaroo meat is super tough because it's all lean meat and no fat (they do jump a lot). Which reminds me, I saw a horde of kangaroos hopping passed a field while I was at a winery out of Canberra today. It was a grand sight! Beautiful almost, such magnificient creature, such speed, such height.

Such tenderness.

kangaroo steak

Paul's a super good cook and had my steak medium done, which was perfect and the meat didn't turn out tough at all (though I like it medium rare where it's all bloody and red inside but it was delicious nonetheless!).

We savoured the dish over a hearty glass of Shiraz picked up from the very same local winery where we saw the herd of kangaroos roamed pass.

Finally, finishing off with some home-made apple pie (thanks to Paul the amazing baker, too) topped with banana custard cream and vanilla ice cream. Just the perfect finishing touch!

apple pie

There you go, another addition to Nicole's been-there-eaten-that list. Kangaroo meat.


Simon Seow said...

Taste more like beef or chicken?

Nicocoa said...


teehiong said...


Frankie said...

Tried grilled kangaroo (not woodfire BBQ) meat at sunday market
I called it --- satay-roo~~ :)

Xenia said...

Well written article.

Rohan said...

hey i am a design editor of BALLER MAGAZINE,and i was interested in publishing a few of your kangaroo meat pictures in our magazine, which fits in our meat section of this months issue. if i could recieve some high resolution pictures of your dishes it would be great.