Monday, January 14, 2008

Durian Cheesecake

Short talk: Sorry for the lack of update, been a busy week at Melaka taking care of my mom.

The other day I saw this beautifully made cheesecake from masak-masak which I was linked from A whiff of lemon grass.

It’s not just any cheesecake, it’s a durian cheesecake.

I love durian cakes, and I love cheesecakes, what’s not to like about durian cheesecake. So I decided to get one myself.

durian cheesecake

It’s very rich in texture. I doubt I can get anything out there that’s have as rich of a durian flesh in a cake, the whole cake is basically made of durians, and cheese… (that’s why it’s a durian cheesecake, duh~!)

durian cheesecake slice 2


Is very very nice. Seems like I’ve become a great fan of durian cheesecake now.

durian cheesecake slice

You can only buy it from fatboybakes who made the cake at RM60.


SilverIsle said...

OMG. Like damn nice. Gosh. I so wanna try. Can guide us more on how to get it? I went to the website but had no clue at all. Thanks.

Terry said...

cool~~ XD

can post up the recipe? interested in making one! ^^

did u use graham crackers for the crust? are graham crackers sold in stores? ><;;


Nicocoa said...

silverisle: you can his separate blog

terry: haha, if only i knew the ingredients too

Anonymous said...

OMG!I want!I want!!!

tankiasu said...

Oh didn't know you have a food blog too. You should our meet-up one of these days. :)

Farhah said...

not a fan of durian, but for cheesecake. STILL, the cake look simply delicious! (:

Willar said...


Nicocoa said...

evolna: it's seasonal though

tankiasu: i wud love to. do inform me when there is one.

farhah: it's yummy~~~

willar: purrrr~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the one from Confections? Its really good too.