Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bolognese Pasta at Signatures Food Court, Suria KLCC

Housing over 1200 seats, the newly revamped Signatures Food Court at Suria KLCC is more than what it seems.

In fact, I discovered this jewel few years back when it was still Scotts Picnic Food Court.

The second stall beginning on the left lies a stall that is constantly flooded with customers and a fair bit of queue, serves the best Bolognese, in my opinion, in KL.

bolognese pasta 2

It’s not truly authentic, it doesn’t have a lot of kick ass ingredients a Bolognese should have. But the secret of how this truly amazing dish captured my heart years ago and still has, lies in its sauce.

Oh my god if only I know the secret ingredient of this pasta I would be making love to my kitchen every day.

bolognese pasta
A bit messy cause couldn’t wait already start eating

We also tried their Marinara Pasta.

marinara pasta 2

It was good but nothing as compared to the Bolognese.

However there’s a very generous serving of juicy prawns.

marinara pasta

For RM8.99 average per dish, I think it’s fairly reasonable.

Signatures Level 2 Food Court
KLCC Park Mall (Level 2)
Along Jalan Ampang.
Phone: 603–2382 2828


Ai-Ra said...

look scrumpilicious....!
especially the's a squid isn't?

Anonymous said...

What's that white stuff all over it ? white sauce, cream or cheese..? :)

Nicocoa said...

ai-ra: squid and prawns i think

jmasie ng: cream if i'm not mistaken

Rasa Malaysia said...

Hi there, found your blog from KennySia and then hopped here from your personal blog.

Hope to read more of your food blogging. It's fun! :)

voon keong said...

that's really reasonable, considering it's in KL

amanda said...

so hungry liao!! I LOVE pasta!! *stomach growling*