Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Doi Chaang Café @ Chiang Rai, Thailand

I was cycling back to my guesthouse situated at the riverside when I passed by this beautiful café sitting quietly but brilliantly at the corner of the street under the traffic light.

After a two seconds thought, I made a small u-turn and cycled back to the café to park my cycle.


What catches my eyes when I entered was the stunning artificial waterfall at the entrance. Which made me decide to take a break and enjoy a cup of drink here.


I like how the upper deck of the place is made of wood. And everything felt so romantic, back to nature sort.

dinning setting

pictures on the wall
Love the paintings

Sit here with your love one to enjoy the hustles of Chiang Rai street outside. Perfect!

table by the window

Even the menu looks so recycled, though a properly done one~

cafe doi chaang menu

However the selection of drinks is a bit disappointing. Cheap though.


The desserts here are looking sinful. From chocolate cake to this blueberry muffin, ermmm..


I chose the sofa at the end of the café as my spot.

sofa dining table

And no, I did not just drink water la, if that’s what you actually thought.

I ordered the ice chocolate drink. Wasn’t that nice. But it was cheap and the ambience was nice, so I’m quite satisfied.

ice chocolate

Oh yea, don’t forget to bring your fully charged laptop if you want to use the wifi or for work.

battery charging fee

Electricity sure don’t come cheap here. -.-

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Simon Seow said...

Nice drinks. After Thailand and now you're in Cambodia. Is it a Southeast Asia tour here?