Sunday, April 20, 2008

Travelling and Diet

The scary thing about travelling, is you won't know if you have gained weight or lost some.

There's no way to tell, you can be bloated for all you know.

It's a scary procedure, for those who know weights can't be controlled, you might end up returning to your home after one month of travelling gaining more than 5 kg.

Or losing more if I'm lucky, which I doubt. I did lose a lot more in Lao though, maybe I should stay in Lao for 30 days, and lose up to 10kg in that month. :D

That sounds like a healthy way to lose weight, and what a way to explore the country.


Anonymous said...

Reminded me when I was in Hanoi. I kept on eating non stop whenever I see food around. If u eat a lot, do walk a lot when traveling. Then you will neither gain weight nor reduce any weight haha! This method works everytime!

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