Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lao(s) Noodles in Vientiane

Laotian food is not unexpected as it bears similarity to the Thai and Vietnamese food, and even a strong culture of the French.

Noodles and rice are the stable food in Laos, not to forget tons of baguette everywhere.

Located at one of the seaside stalls just right in front of my inn,

seaside stalls and restaurants

this particular dish was my first meal in Laos, which also left a distinct impression of Laotian food in me.

fried vermicelli with vegetables

White vermicelli sprinkled with peanuts and stir-fried with vegetables. It might look innocent but by god it is the freakishly spiciest food I have ever tasted since… I don’t know? Since since since.. since I drank that bottle of Tobaccos sauce by accident. No I’m just kidding, not that idiotic yet but I assume it would taste about the same.

It’s nice, no doubt. That is if you can handle the spiciness of the sauce.

5000kip coconut

The other very unique that sent tickles down my tummy (like really funny dish) was the fried crispy noodle with vegetables.

fried crispy noodle with pork

They weren’t joking about the crispy part.

crispy noodle

It’s like eating Twisties, without all the salty seasonings and it’s dipped in diluted salty sauce and vegetables.

I can’t get myself around to get used to this dish though.

I still prefer Twisties on its own.


Simon Seow said...

Is the vermicelli also sourish? Spicy food my fav. Burn me in hell!

Raising Mercury said...

that crispy noodle thingy DOES look like twisties! gosh, how did you manage to eat it? it would have been like crunch crunch crunch crunch..till infinity! =)

WP said...

Those crispy noodles look interesting!

And I wonder how the French managed to survive the spicy food there! lol