Wednesday, June 11, 2008

25 year old Balsamic Vinegar from Italy

Ever heard of an aged Balsamic?

70 euro balsamic

This tiny little bottle from Florence, Italy costs 70 euro.

One drop is enough to send you to heaven and back. It's fragrant, sweet with strong raisin flavour. Definitely not your typical balsamic vinegar.

nicole with balsamic
Yes it's tiny isn't it?

As usual I was hanging out at Tasting Room on one of our dinner and wine night, Ron whipped out this little gorgeous for us to sample.

ron with balsamic

One of the recipe suggested from the recipe manual (yes there is an eating manual that came along with the bottle) was to pair it with some fine vanila ice cream. So we decided to venture into that.

ice creams and balsamic vinegar

It's not your typical fusion but then again, this is not your typical cooking vinegar either. At RM350 per bottle, you have to be insane to use it in your kitchen. It's more expensive than a bottle of Chivas.

What you do is spoon a teaspoonful onto one scoop of vanilla ice cream, and savour it.

Sweet, tangy, fragrant and not too powerful (sweetness of the ice cream was actually toned down by the balsamic). It was beautiful.

balsamic vanila ice cream

I know it's odd saying this, but Balsamic Vanilla Ice Cream is one of the best dessert I have EVER tasted! :D


Geraint said...

Nice article, of general interest this time.

whimsicaljottings said...

Florence? Balsamic vinegar comes from Modena. I believe it says so too on the label.

silaswolfgang said...

Really great comment "whimsicaljottings". How boring you are. I love balsamic vinegar and would absolutely love to try this.