Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tasting Room, Bangsar (Revisit)

I just can't get enough of this place. Call is biasness, but all my friends who have been here love the ambiance, the food, the people and the wine!

This time start your appetizers with a bit of duck confits and chicken rissoto.

duck confit with melons
Duck Confit with Rock Melons

chicken rissoto
Chicken Rissoto

baby octopus with water chestnut
And don't forget about the baby octopus, mmm...

All simply divine, especially the Rissoto, I thought the wasabi mayo finished the touch! Muah!

Then head on to the main courses with your usual pasta, cod and beef.


beef tenderloin with asparugus
O.. this is served with few tiny hidden Foie Gras (drool~)

fried cod with egyptian spice
Egyptian spiced Cod

pasta duo
Pasta Duo - with squid ink black pasta (my fav!)

Finish off with a full fledge cheese platter with a good wine.

9c1c-Tyra Banks

wine glass

This is not a good wine, but a random red wine which I brought back from Vietnam, it's sourish and grassy. Ugh.

But omg Umberto Cessario matches so well with blue cheese.. phewit~!

And finally don't forget a drop of 70 euro vinegar complimentary from the director if you manage to make him happy enough.

opened balsamic vinegar

ONE DROP. That's all there is.

nicole with balsamic_shock

So good I tell you. I had few teaspoons of it. :D


WP said...

Wow...all the dishes are so beautifully prepared. How many people were eating? (I'm sure you didn't finish all that alone! :P)

Simon Seow said...

When are you going to bring me here boss?

Elle said...

After reading your post, me and my eight friends went to try out last Sat. In our opinion, the food is only so-so and the portion is tiny, they should double up the size! Even for me, I was still hungry after the having the entire Pasta Duo and Foie Gras to myself. The Foie Gras appetizer was too expensive at RM29 because it is only about the size of an egg tart. My guy friend who has pasta has to order the 2nd plate, not because it was good but because it was so enough. The carbonara that we ordered didn't come with the egg, when we questioned the staff,they said they are out of egg. This was another let down. Ambience, value, and taste, I would say that Rick's Cafe, Casablanca of One Bangsar is much, much better.

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