Thursday, June 26, 2008

China McNuggets in Shenzhen (Follow-up)

After my first visit to Mcdonald in China and having tasted the three different types of sauce they have for McNuggets.

I went back on my last day when my flight was cancelled, in Shenzhen airport, to try out the final sauce which I failed to savour.

mcnugget italian sauce

After sesame China, chili Thai and wasabi Japan, this is tomato Italy.

Also creatively called Italian Pomodoro. (hah...)

china mcugget italian sauce

And surprisingly, it tasted like... bolognese.

Not bad~ (drag both words for dramatic effect)


KAY said...

Ahh more sauce...let me get a chicken nugget to dip... :P

Anonymous said...

hey nicole, u eat so many nice things but still r so fit! care to share what u do to keep slim? thx~

Anonymous said...

bullshit, not Italian foods