Thursday, October 16, 2008


Remember this girl?


from this movie?


Her name is Kim Ah-joong (김아중). In the movie she played this really fat 200 pound ugly woman, Jenny

200pounds beauty_2

who fell in love with her singing managing director who used her for her voice to make this singer really famous.

The focal point of the movie, however, is that she lost a hell lot of weight and the sudden attention she gets when she evolves into this sudden beauty that everyone would die and get shot for, and also the sudden attention she gets from everyone and anyone.


I love movies like this. I really do love to watch people who had suffered in the past turns out brilliantly and thrives in life better than ever.

Despite the double standard-ness one usually see in society, how the average treats uglier people and all. I still love movie with a happy endings, that revolves about losing weight and becoming gorgeous. LOVE IT!

Motivates me you know.

But anyway, I was watching this movie again on my laptop today, I saw this scene where the director and producer were trying to lobby the idea of introducing Jenny as a new artiste, I saw a glimpse of the power point which they were projecting on Jenny's profile.


What caught my eyes was her said height and weight.

Take a closer look:
Height: 170cm
Weight: 48kg


48KG!! THAT IS DAMN SKINNY WEI! omg, I think I am going to faint. And the said character is the same age as me too! born in 1984.

I don't it's just a movie, but there has to be some facts in it right? I mean they can't fake a person's weight on screen right?

Let's have a look at her again.


Geez. fine. so she is really skinny. but she is fit!! HOT in fact!

But 48?! That is like. like.. like... skinning me alive! I I I....

Will I look like that when I become 48kg? mmm...

I think I will be going on a salad diet from now onwards. that's it! Salads everyday it is!! No meat, no fat, none! Salads and tofu. Yup, or maybe with fish (since Sashimi ain't cheap and Jusco's too far to walk to everyday).


Yup salads.

Not salads with meat.


Just plain simple tasteless salads.


mm.. this doesn't look appetizing at all...



OKAY! Motivated!!!! *hold fist tightly*

Everyday salads, here I come!


I think I should paste her photos all over my room to remind meself every single meal, what do you think?


O.. and seeing her hair makes me wanna dye my hair black again. :D


Anonymous said...

Uhm my friend is 175 and 52kg so i think its possible.. but i guess u have to have light bones at least and a small frame? The actress is really gorgeous!!!

Cheryl-Jiaween said...

Kim Ah Joong is my idol! I love the natural look of her, she seldom wear make up around her eyes, only a little touch up with eye liner is more than enough.

My friend is 160cm tall and 39kg so's possible for 170cm to be 48kg.

salia said...

Go go go Nicole! You can do it! Just remember NOT TO OVERDO IT, k? ^_^ Weight lost serves as a good measuring stick, but even though you both are the same height, it doesn't necessarily mean you will look like her at 48kg. You may end up looking like the kayu galah people use to jolok rambutan, with the chest and booty to match ;)

Go for body shape and clothes size. Who cares if you weigh 55kg but look equally as sizzling as the actress at her 48kg? And you won't have to condemn yourself to eating grass for the rest of your life just to get to 48kg. Unless you happen to like eating grass, in which case, knock yourself out ;P

curryegg said...

You're not Fat ok?
Don't have to diet la wei... =_=

Anonymous said...

Please don't think you need too diet because you see the media/movie verson of a person. Thats what they want you too beleave you should be like and that your not skinny enough but they are wrong.... Your perfect the way you are, even with your emoooooo. ( ^ ^!)~

Ju Ann said...

omg... she is 170cm!?!?!?!? I am 165cm and I am nowhere near her weight!!!

sheesh!!!! gosh!!!!!!!!!!! but my bones are damn heavy and u will hear nobody saying my frame is small!!


Anonymous said...

I'm 170cm and 48kg.....all I eat is junk :/