Friday, October 31, 2008

Zipangu - Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur

Weeks ago, I was invited, along with my wine buddy Boris, to Shangri-La for dinner. Courtesy of Shangri-La Director of Marketing Danny.

Shangri-La recently just did some renovation and has never looked more spectacular.

shangri-la lounge

That night we chose the infamous award winning Japanese restaurant Zipangu to spend the evening.

zipangu shangri-la

We started off with some of the most delectable imported sushi that as appetizers.

sashimi platter

Why delectable? Because at a staggering cost of RM98 per plate of Tuna sashimi, it bloody well be, that's why.

premium tuna sashimi

It was really soft. Melts in your mouth almost, though I have to say the best tuna sashimi I have tasted is still in Tokyo Tsukiji market. However their salmon sashimi was living up to every bit of the Japanese standard.

The meal was paired with German Spatlese (sweet wine) (I know, it's not suitable to pair with main courses, but I like the wine, sue me) from one of the most impressive collections wine cellar in a hotel I have witnessed. It's not everyday you get to choose a bottle, any bottle, from the shelf of a hotel's wine cellar (you know, they are bloody expensive for one, and limited secondly).

I was simply estastic to be surrounded by the stacks and stacks wine that night, if I would have my way, I would have popped at least 5 bottles that night. But I managed to restrain my will. It was hard, very hard.

Next off, we have Unagi Egg Roll maki.

egg roll and unagi maki

These were decent, not a big big fan of sushi as I always find them too rice-y (I don't eat rice).

And then my favourite of all. The Unagi Kabayaki. Soft, sweet, and simpy orgasmic.

best cowgirl costume

My two dining associates ordered the soft shell crab temaki, which I didn't try but still couldn't resist taking a photo.

hand roll

Then we had shitake mushrooms for small bites. These were yummy. :D

shitake mushroom

But what took the cake that night was the, suprisingly, chawanmushi.

chawanmushi untouched

According to Boris, if one wants to know how good a Japanese restaurant's food is, just try their chawanmushi. True enough, these must be the softest softest softest, soft like feather!, egg pudding? tofu? i have laid my tongue on!! The texture was remarkable.


They didn't melt, they just turned to liquid in my mouth. It was superb.

I ended my meal for my favourite Japanese dessert. Red bean on macha (green tea) ice cream.

azuki macha ice cream

It tasted like Hagan Daaz green tea ice cream, which I have always vouched my life for.

Sigh, you know, I miss my sweet Spatlese. One day, I am so going to get my own wine cellar damn it. ONE day.

Zipangu Recognition:
“Best Oriental Restaurant", 14TH Malaysia Tourism Awards, 2003-2004
“Best Japanese Restaurant", Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards , 2003-2004

Phone: 603 2074 3900

Opening Hours:
Lunch: noon – 2.30pm (Mon - Fri) / 11.30am - 2.30pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holidays)
Dinner: 6.30pm – 10.30pm

Level 1, Shangri-La
11 Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Dress Code:
Smart casual


kenia said...

beautifull food, delicius!

Hotch said...

The Unagi was "Soft, sweet, and simpy orgasmic" ? Wow, fantastic food description......I simply have to try it then.

Chiee said...

Honestly, I find sashimi in ZIPANGU not exactly THAT fabulous. Sure, it fresh and all but not worth it's price (For that mediocre serving)!

I think you should seriously try out Sushi Zanmai in One Utama.
The owner owns the Japanese Fine Dining restaurant in One World so, both restaurants have the same awesome supplier- and yes, Sushi Zanmai gets fresh sashimi EVERY SINGLE DAY!

So yea, you can get kickass fresh seafood at Sushi ZAnmai than having ripoff expensive sashimi at Zipangu. :D

Ah well,seems like you had fun!

Anonymous said...

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