Sunday, October 19, 2008

Somboon Seafood, Bangkok

If you're ever in Bangkok, you have to dine at one of our (see how I'm already begining to use "our" instead of "their", I think symptoms of staying in Bangkok for too long is showing. sawadeeka~) best restaurants.

Somboon Seafood. So well known, even the Japanese royalties have dined here before.

best restaurant award
(too lazy to post the photo of the Japanese royalty I took, only realised I haven't edited that after I close photoshop)

Their signature dish is the infamous Fried Curry Crab.

somboon main dish
as shown on the menu

which I didn't get to try because my host (or dining partner) does not eat crabs. Weird I know.

Oh well, I was having too much spicy food on my recent trip to the Northeastern Thailand so wanted something easy for the evening. *still recovering from my food poisoning* (mentally I mean)

I ordered the honey braised pork ribs with vege.

honey braised pork ribs with vege

Which was really good in my opinion, sweet, but not overly sweet. Vege's good.

Next we had the baked grouper (is it a grouper?).

baked grouper

This was exceptionally fresh, good, fleshy, soft and not overly baked. Everything was just right!

When you flip open the fillets, you will find the chef actually spread a layers of garlic butter all over the fish before baking them. Making it very fragrant and juicy.

baked grouper with garlic stuffing
pardon the shaky hands.. too eager to feast

some simple asparagus for an easy palate.


Nothing to shout about. But it was not bad.

The garlic fried prawns was lovely though.

fried garlic prawns

Love the fried garlic and parsley at the side. The prawns were cut in half for easy peeling. Though I would have preferred something lighter that night (you know, like non-fried). But it was good nonetheless.

My dessert was what finished off a good meal.

coconut and chocolate ice cream

Coconut and chocolate ice cream. The coconut ice cream was, somehow, exceptionally fragrant. It has like very pungent sweet floral smell, though I can't quite put to a word whether I like it or not. But chocolate ice cream always set things right. :)

I won't give rating to this restaurant. I would love to go back to try the fried curry crab one day before setting a final score.

The bill came up to 1,070 bhat (RM107). Pretty cheap considering there was a whole fish and plentiful of prawns.

Careful of any fake somboon seafood restaurant as there's a lot in Bangkok here I heard (yes, it's THAT famous). There're only five branches, so do check out the website (in the link at the top of the entry).

Somboon Surawong
169,169/7-12 Surawong Rd.,Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel. 02-233-3104Fax. 02-234-4499

I dined at the Somboon in Ratchada road (today), the address was obtained from Makankings blog.

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