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The Loaf, Langkawi - Dine-in and U Hu! Hu! Cheesecakes

Once the personal pastry chef of our ex-Prime Minister Tun Mahathir, who made The Loaf a must-dine-at restaurant + bakery with his exquisite pastries.

the loft interior

People come here to adopt the palate that were once the high society's. And then he transferred his expertise to Westin Langkawi soon after and the restaurant is now managed by Grand Chef Yukichi Matsubara, an imported Chef from Japan who has won a gold medal in the California Raisin Challenge Contest in 2004.

Though we are not able to savour what it could have been offered on a PM's table, there will always be the world's best raisin bread to compensate.

bread at the loft langkawi

Weeks ago few friends and I went to Langkawi, and luck on our side, The Loaf was throwing a week long 50% off everything promotion for it was their 2nd anniversary? So during 6 days stay there, we dined at The Loaf almost every single day - 3 lunches + 1 dinner + 1 afternoon tea.

posing with club sandwich

We went wild on the pastry the first day. Ordering whatever that looked delicious, hey, 50% off food was blinking cheap, all the patries turned out to be no more than RM1.50.

the loft bread

Most of them were extremely delicious, my favourite savoury pastry was the Mushroom Quiche. It was heaven, soft creamy texture and very juicy. The chocolate centred block bread (on the left) was buttery and delectable.

What took the cake was the Chocolate Croissant.

chocolate croissant

Never have I eaten a croissant of such shape and the chocolate filled centre was to die for. Richly sinful, it was every chocoholic's heaven.

Then we moved onto The Loaf' Caesar Salad.


The presentation blew us away at first, the taste seconded that.

salad and me

It was like no other Caesar dressing I have ever tasted before. Unique, presentable and delicious. It was 5 in 5 rating in terms of every aspect. RM18 was well worth paying (not to mention another 50% off for us). Though I believe in KL they charged this RM22.

The next salad was even better, Smoked Salmon with Pan Seared Scallops.

salmon salad with pan seared scallops

Again, presentation aced it. But what I could not forget about this dish was the gravy they used to sear the scallops.


It was SO good, I could have sworn I've gone to heaven and back. The only thing was that it was served too little (the gravy I mean). Scallops were succulent and very juicy, which made it advisable to eat the salmon first. RM22, it was hell reasonable and only available in Langkawi branch.

The following dishes are compiled over the few days we have dined there, so do not be alarmed and assumed that we finish all these in one visit. So here we go,

Broccoli Cream with Asparagus, RM22. Delightful dish, something unique and quite enjoyable for the small portion it was served.

asparagus soup

The French Onion Soup (RM14) was quite WTF though. (No photo)

Then there's the Crayfish Bisque (RM20), this was unusual, it's either you hate it or you love it, or stucked in between dilemma, like me. I couldn't decide if I enjoyed the taste or hate it, it was odd, yet pleasantly odd, but off at the same time.

onion soup

The Extra Crispy Croissant Tuna was surprisingly.... small.

tuna sandwich

For RM24, it was too much a disappointment. Two bites and done.

The Loaf's Club Sandwich was an A-to-go. Personally, I loved sandwich, so this was a plus point for me. It was so nice looking we ordered twice.

club sandwich overview

club sandwich

Chicken, turkey ham, bacon, egg, tomatoes and lettuce, all top ingredients of theses selections were used. what's there not to like? RM22.

The Open-Faced Beef Burger wasn't so open faced, for RM38, it paled in comparison with the club sandwich in terms of price and quality proportion. But it was good nonetheless.

steak burger

The Open-Faced Sauteed Prawn Sandwich, however, was an absolute win. For anyone who loves seafood and sandwich, this would be your winning bet.

shrimp burger

The gravy sauce used was as usual, exquisite and the prawns very fresh, I believed they might have applied pesto sauce and have nicely seared their bell peppers to perfect softness. RM28 for this.

Their pasta selection was just O.K, being after awed to no ends by the impressive appetizers and pastries.

seafood spaghetti

Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca with Seafood was priced at RM30, worth a go for their generous seafood serving, one full piece of sea critters of every type rather than a thin slice of shrimp here and there. But the sauce was nothing to shout about.

The Lobster Cajun Style Spaghetti was worth a go though. At RM64 you get half a full lobster lying in your pasta.

lobster spaghetti

Again, nothing spectacular about the sauce.

Ah, but the Fettuccine Carbonara was another thing.


Delightful. Not superb. RM30, it would remain delightful.

The Grilled Beef Fillet was the ultimate disappointment.


When asked for a medium done, it turned out overly-well done and the waiter refused to change it for us for the kicthen was close (it was last order). Very unprofessional and unpleasant encounter from staff. Not to mention a whooping RM58 for a stupid (and small) steak, I might as well dine at San Franciso Steak House.

I do HIGHLY reccommend the Seafood Platter for Two. Share with your friends as a centre dish, for this was not only enjoyable, it was down right delectable to the palate.

seafood platter2

Scallops, mussels, prawns, squids, seabass fillet, salmon, a good dose of asparagus, broccoli, tumeric potatoes and carrots to reduce sin. Caper butter sauce was magnificent to go with. Everything was superb. I declared this main course the BEST main course of The Loft.

seafood platter

RM110 per dish was well worth paying.

Finally, we moved onto the infamous U Hu! Hu! Cheesecakes of The Loaf. Best known for their extreme soft texture, light as a feature and melts in your mouth. (You don't even have to chew)

Glitzy Strawberry. I thought the strawberry jam on top was a bit overpowering and sweet, the cheesecake though was undoubtly delicious. The rest seemed to love this.

glizty strawberry u hu hu cheesecake

Blueberry Treasures. Not bad, maybe I'm not a jam with cheesecake person. But I much preferred this over strawberry.

blueberry treasures cheesecake

Berries Ensemble. Well, I never liked Blackforest Cake to start with, cherries don't work well in cakes for me. But I do love the cheesecake in this, no jam to ruin it.

berries ensemble u hu hu cheesecake

Banana Supreme. Yes!! Finally something that suited to my palate! :D :D This was lovely! Chocolate and Banana and Cheesecake do very well together.

banana supreme u hu hu cheesecake

The final blow, and will always remained my favourite, their top selling cheesecake, was the Luxurious Chocolate.

luxurious chocolate u hu hu cake

Rich chocolate top, nicely paired with the soft lucious cheesecake below. A definite WIN!

Rating: 4.3/5
Comment: some disappointing main dishes and poor services, else everything was perfect!

The Loaf
Lot No C9 Perdana Quay
Telaga Harbour Park
Pantai Kok
07000 Langkawi
Kedah, Malaysia

Tel No: 604 - 959 4855

(Halal. Open daily from 8am - 11pm)


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I lurve The Loaf's U Hu! Hu! Cheesecakes! Look forward to go there when i go Langkawi! =D

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Sigh, the scallop only in Langkawi outlet? Thought want to go try in Pavilion T_T

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never been to th eloaf Langkawi, twice to Pavilion, would say, the cheesecakes and the sandwiches taste very good.

will try the seafood platter..

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