Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant - Langkawi

orkid ria

One of the best seafood restaurant in Langkawi is in Pantai Cenang, the west southern coast of the island. Personally, I like to call it Uncle Huat restaurant. :)

uncle huat and lobster

What started off as a small seaside food stall by this humble man, bloomed into the highest lobster selling restaurant in the whole of Langkawi. Serving only the freshest seafood and lobsters everyday, straight from the sea.

But what really differentiate Orkid Ria than any other restaurants on the island is their very specialty, Lobster Sashimi.

lobster sashimi

A dish that can only be done from the freshest sea produce. I would think the lobster alone can easily come up to RM200 a tail. SO do bring a thick wallet if you're keen to try. Hey, it's not everyday I get to try lobster sashimi. :D

Some of the other must try dishes here are the butter tiger prawns.

massive butter prawn

This was my utmost favourite. I love anything buttery, and I love seafood. Nothing beats a deep fried butter+egg prawn fritter.

butter prawn

The tiger prawns they use are so huge, it's like a mini lobster most restaurant usually served in KL.

tiger prawn

At RM16 per 100gram. The price was proof enough to guarantee its quality.

tiger prawn in redang sauce

Can't remember what this was called, it tasted like some sweet rendang with onions. If this won't send your cholesterol shooting up the rooftop, nothing will. Thank god for youth and low blood pressure.

Their Garoupa is a must try too. So fresh I was sure they were still jumping in the plate. Each bite was full of juicy sweetness and the flesh bouncy in a tender way.


We also tried some other more typical dish like the fried calamari (always a favourite) and stir-fried vege.


Not to forget about their gigantic crabs.


You can order for pregnant female crabs if you love some awesome orange cholesterol sins to suck on. But the male ones were big enough in my opinion.

Just look at its claw.

crab claw

I like my dinner with a bit of wine, so as usual, it's sweet wine for me.

moscato dasti

Yep you can bring your own wine here. I couldn't remember if they need corkage fee for Uncle Huat was kind enough to let us open how many bottles we wished that night. :p

"Uncle Boris? Does Uncle Huat usually charge for corkage fee?"

Finally, after the impressive appetizer, came the final dish that portrayed as much appeal.

butter lobster

Butter lobster. OMG someone kill me.

Rating: 4.3/5

Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant
Lot 1225 Jalan Pantai Cenang
Langkawi, GE 07000 Malaysia
Contact: +60 4 955 4128
Open Hours: Lunch: 11am-3pm. Dinner: 6pm-11pm (Mon-Sun)


Vaveh said...

OMG!!! What yummy food.
But you spelled crabs wrong...

Janice said...

hey how much do your whole meal cost? =) am thinking making a trip to langkawi very soon.

Simon Seow said...

sigh, I only have a very thin wallet.

Chiee said...

Wow, I want to go to Langkawi. :D
Look at all those seafood!

Ju Ann said...


Dr.Jones said...

Nice pics Nicole! Would be great if you can include the prices so we may have some idea. We might not be able to afford these wonderful meals...! ;)

Richard said...

Have eaten here many times the food is sensational