Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shake Shake McDonald Thailand

God I have not been updating this site for how long d! Jeez.

Too busy with my boutique and moving back and forth of KL and Bangkok and updating my nicolekiss blog till I no more time to scout for new place to eat.

Actually that's a lie. Just most of the time lazy to bring camera out only. Kekeke

Today I want to tell you just how much (for the N times) I LOVE LOVE LOVE McDonald in Thailand.

They always have sooo many varieties.

I decided to pop by McD today in Bangkok just before I leave this country, and found a whole new menu items available. It was amazing. If only I have so much stomach space, I would have bought everything.

cookie crisp

15 baht pies
wow, 15 baht only.

Anyway, the reason I went to McD today was because few days ago as I passed by an McD outlet in Siam Paragon, I saw this promotion they're having in conjunction with Madagascar 2.

shake shake promotion

Now the best part is... Shake Shake promotion in Malaysia only has the shake shake fries.

In Bangkok, we (or they) have shake shake fries, shake shake nuggets and shake shake chicken strips. It's like OMG dream come true.

I've always wondered when they are ever going to come out with shaker nuggets.

And now not only they have shake shake fries and nuggets, they even have bloody chicken strips!!! Woo hoo!!!

price for my shake shake set

Without hesitation today, I ordered all three. :D

shake shake trio

Because the McD at Robinson didn't have any seating, so I brought my take-aways to Starbucks to chill, over a good book of course. ;) (I'm so in love with Sherry Thomas right now, she writes some of the best romance novels)

Oh, and BBQ sauce in McD Thailand is different too.

thai bbq sauce

It's spicy. And tasted like a combination of Sweet Thai Chilli sauce and Msia BBQ sauce.

The fries was delightful.

seasoned fries

Better than the previous seasoning. I remembered they had Shrek before this, and it was seaweed seasoning. I'd say this paprika taste seasoning tasted way nicer.

It got even better with the nuggets.

shake shake nugget

For the first time, I was not tempted to dip my nugget in any sauce at all. No ketchup or bbq, nothing. The seasoning was perfect.

shakers in a bag

But I have to say the chicken strip took the cake. When eaten warm, the crispy skin was so orgasmic with the seasoning powder, which was thickly coating the whole strip.

shake shake chicken

Soft, tender, juicy.

I have never liked fried chicken that much before.

mcd and starbucks for lunch

Over my favourite cup of ice chocolate and a good book, I'd say it was a lovely lunch. :)
I should do this more often.


kenzi said...

Looks good! :0 but calorie-laden....... :( but whatever, life is short. Enjoy while you can eh. Hahaha!

Simon Seow said...

They allowed outside food in Starbucks there? Don't get fat boss.