Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hooters @ Gold Coast, Australia

hooters gold coast

Hooters in Gold Coast was much better than the one in Shanghai, experience and food wise.

One thing I adore and despite about Australia is in the proportion of their food servings. They're insanely and ridiculously huge.

Me and Stuart ordered the Tuna steak and Fish and Chips respectively, a combining order that can feed at least six Asians.

tuna steak

Medium rare tuna steak tasted a lot like beef steak and sashimi. It's tough, and chewy. Nothing like the tuna sashimi I used to have in Tokyo.

tuna steak medum rare

Stuart fish and chips was not a disappointment either. It was huge, and came with, not one, but TWO huge fish fillets.

fish and chips

I do sometimes wonder how the Australians dine. Their appetites are scary!

One thing I DO love about hooters, are their curly fries. They serve everything on a bed of curly fries. Which is a PLUS PLUS point for me anytime.

Services were great, food's good, portions big, definitely money worth.

Rating: 4/5

Hooters Mermaid Beach
2488 Gold Coast HWY
PH. 07 5572 4100


Charlene n Kevin said...

You should have gotten the wings. Hooters is well known for thier wings!! :D

WP said...

I want curly fries...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

where r the hooter girls?