Saturday, December 27, 2008

Coffee Club, Singapore

Two years ago I chanced upon this open concept restaurant on Orchard Road on my Christmas visit, being a vegetarian I was, I ordered the only sandwich that's completely vegetarian on the menu, and fell in love with it.

swiss mushroom melt

The Swiss Mushroom Melt sandwich.


Two years have passed and the food has changed since (from good to bad :( ), but it was a journey down the memory lane. I missed the experience tremendously.

My sandwich did not disapppoint completely.

My brother ordered the Really Huge Chicken Sandwich.

really huge chicken sandiwch

Which wasn't that huge and wasn't that grand.

However the smoked salmon Caeser Salad was rather pleasing.

caeser salad

Their star menu list, a dory crust thingy, was a disappoint though.

dory crust

They might as well made my Swiss Mushroom Melt the star product instead of this.

For dirnks, my brother had the Pina Colada, which was ALRIGHT.

pina colada

But anything better than the 1 dollar 50 cents too small Evian mineral water.

1 dollar 50 cents evian water

Coffee Club
323 Orchard Road (S)238892

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