Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cocolat, Adelaide

I love Australia for one reason and one reason only (food wise).

They have amazingly good chocolate cafes.

interior of cocolat

Where the restaurant or cafe serves all that is chocolate-y.

In Adelaide, it's COCOLAT.

cocolat in adelaide

I met up with Casey and Bryan and Jessie in Cocolat on my third day in Adelaide. All of which were my readers whom I met for the first time during my stay in Australia.

Walking into Cocolat was like entering heaven for the first time for me.

chocolate cake selection

Everything there was either utterly sinful or deliciously attractive, it took me all my will power to not order everything on the menu or off the shelf.

ice cream selection

From chocolates, to ice creams, to drinks to cakes!

chocolate selection

Especially their cakes.

apricot brandy
Tell me, how can you resist that?!

Even though we weren't that hungry, we opted for two cakes in the end.

Over a cup of hot milk cocoa and white chocolate.

flower print on drink
My hot cocoa

white chocolate
Jessie's white chocolate

We didn't really like the white chocolate, it was too sweet, even after the second attempt of sending back to remake it. Hudson's definitely had better.

We had a piece of white orange chocolate cake and dark chocolate if I was not mistaken.

white chocolate cake

white chocolate cake 2

orange chocolate

orange dark chocolate cake

Now, truth be told. They're good. Yea they were. But not as good as they appeared to be. I would give them 7 out of 10. half extra point of which for good presentation.

It wasn't disappointing, the atmosphere was good. Company was what contributed my good experience there. I would definitely go back for memory sake. However, as a chocolate critic, it was a tad bit disappointing on the taste sector.

Rating: 3.5/5

Cocolat Boutique - inside Darriwill Farms Store
162 b King William Road
Hyde Park 5061
Adelaide, Australia


CW said...

Haha, looks like I should put my comment here instead at your nicolekiss.blogspot.
Btw, in addition to my comment in your another blog:
Please come to Adelaide around Winter time in future, because first of all, chocolate tastes the best during that time of the year, hehe. And secondly, there's this gelati place opposite Cocolat will have their "Death by Chocolate" series of flavours (I think there're 8-10 types of chocolate flavours). The name of that cafe is Gelatissimo, and it's a new gelati cafe, only started around last year (or is it the year before), I think. So yea, they've different series for different series. Their chocolate gelati winter series will also send you to the moon :)

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