Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hudson Coffee, Australia

New year new post.

Yep and I shall start with Hudson Coffee from Adelaide Australia. You can find them in Queensland too.

The one thing I like about Hudson Coffee was that they served fantastic hot white chocolate.

I never tasted any white chocolate drink that I liked before in my life, in fact, I don't even like white chocolate itself.

But Hudson Coffee changed all that.

I ordered a cup of hot cocoa when I first landed in Adelaide, with marshmellows, a side I've always taken just to be on the safe spot.

hot cocoa in hudson coffee

It was really good. Sweet, but not overall dying sweet sweet. But it was really sweet, and nice, and warm-ish hot. (hot, but slightly on the warm side)

But it was till my reader-turn-friend Jessie who ordered the white chocolate, and I stole a sip from, that I actually quite liked the taste.

It's not as bad.

It was pretty good, to be honest.

chocolate muffin at hudson coffee

The muffin we had was pretty good too. Huge, and wasn't able to finish it.

Yep, if you do drop by Hudson one day, order a cup of hot white chocolate. You'll never see white chocolate drink the same way again.

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