Monday, February 16, 2009

Marmalade, Bangsar Village II

After the Ribena event on Saturday, I went to Bangsar Village to pass Ron some cookies from Hong Kong and was recommended to have some light food in Marmalade.

marmalade menu

It was a lovely little cafe restaurant, a bit run down but we decided to take a seat.

The place was rather stuffy on a hot day, it was a corner lot with lots of window, which would be a nice place to visit on a rainy day.

roses are red

I like the menu list. Lots of avocado choices, there aren't many avocado dishes around, especially when avocado doesn't come cheap in this part of the world. We were tempted to order a breakfast set as it seems to be their best list but since it was alright late afternoon, we went for a an Avocado Accents instead.

kissing salad

First few bites were really delightful, but when the taste sunk in the tangy flavor became a bit overpowering. I like the fact that they smothered avocado paste over the other cubes of capsicums, raisins, chicken, lettuce and more avocados. But three bites later, the granny smith apple cubes just killed the taste.

avocado accent salad

They should have gone easy on the apple and lemon juice.

I couldn't remember the other dish's name but basically it was thin smoke salmon slices topped with cucumber slices, avocado cubes, lettuce, hint of pesto and a light spread of wasabi mayo on focaccia bread.

salmon sandwich

I like that they used wasabi mayo however was disappointed that the layer of wasabi mayo was too thin, whereas the pesto almost non-existent.

Not a place I would go back again. Unless of course, if I ever do end up in that area in the morning to try out the breakfast menu.

Rating; 3/5

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1F-18, First Floor, Bangsar Village II,
No.1, Jalan Telawi Dua, Bangsar Baru,
59100 KL.

Tel: 03-2282 8301

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