Saturday, December 29, 2007

Food and Skin

Your diet affects your skin.

According to the article here.

Green tea and red wine helps prevent wrinkles.

Drinking water helps hydrate the skin but healthy fatty acids such like Omega 3 helps retain it onto the skin.

Apparently sugar and chocolate are bad for the skin, not only they work the effect the opposite of green tea, they'll make your skin ages faster. Woe is me~ :(

Same goes with coffee, spicy food, alcohol and stress. There goes all the beauty in life.

Which explains why we South East Asians grow old so fast!

We eat all the bad stuff and stop ourselves from eating healthy fats.


Geli Tifa said...

Chilli Health: Chillis are loaded with vitamin A, a potent antioxidant and boost to the immune system. As the pods mature and darken, high quantities of vitamin C are gradually replaced with beta carotene and the capsaicin levels are at their highest. Due to these capsaicin levels, some believe that eating chillis may have an extra thermic affect, temporarily speeding up the metabolic rate, hence burning off calories at a faster rate. Whatever, you certainly do sweat and actually cool down in hot climates as sweat evaporates. Your nose runs, your head clears ... you can breath! And with that extra flow of saliva, the gastric juices also flow. The alkaloids from the capsaicin stimulate the action of stomach and intestine improving the whole digestion process!

Beyond soothing gastric wonders and taste delights, the very nature of fiery capsaicin has been medicinally beneficial down through the ages and put to use for some chronic health woes. These same heat inducing properties have a cumulative effect and over time are believed to alleviate pain when used in transdermal treatments for arthritis, nerve disorders (neuralgia), shingles and severe burns ... even cluster headaches. The mucus thinning properties promote coughing and can act as an expectorant for asthmatic conditions. Other claims are boosts to the immune system due to the antioxidants, lowering cholesterol, and blood thinning properties beneficial for the heart and blood vessels.

Guess there's always good and bad to everything... :p

InnocentWitch said...

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Good job in keeping urself in good weight...

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