Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Food Poisoning Diet

No. Don't even go there.

NEVER entice yourself with the slightest idea of it.

To be honest, and I mean brutally honest, and only the truth.

I would rather DIE than to have another food poisoning session.

No, I would rather GAIN WEIGHT than another to get food poisoned again.

I'm serious.

At least gaining weight I won't feel like dying, and all I need to lose is to stop eating and go on detox for a few days, painless effort compare to the PAIN I went through each time with food poisoning ok?!

Trust me. And I am saying it as the 6th F.P. encounter that YOU DO NOT want to get poisoned by food.

I only mention this because it is THE ONLY, and I really mean the sole reason, why I shouldn't be so darn depressed about my 6th time food poisoning.

I lost 2kg. yay~

God I hate food poisoning.


ilovepearly said...

2kg of liquid... :P
It's painful......expecially when it happens in the middle of the night.

Simon Seow said...

Me no like FP too. T_T