Thursday, May 1, 2008

Samurai Pork Burger in McDonald, Thailand

Pork Burger.

Something a franchise fast food chain in Malaysia can never have.

thai mcdonald menu
to the far right corner on the top row

Poor us Chinese who love our pork sometimes. (With total respect to the Muslims, we really do love our pork)

Mcdonalds everywhere else always seem to have better options and selections than our local McD.

double big mac and cheesy fries

Bless my soul that I will never get too fat in Malaysia.

After having tried many McDonalds around the world, I return to Thailand to try the Thai McD menus this time round.

thai ronald mcdonald and me

Hence we ordered three Samurai Pork Burger (in Japan it was teriyaki burger).

Spread with sweet sauce, the Samurai Pork Burger do remind me a lot of the Teriyaki Pork Burger in Tokyo, though not as sweet, but sweet none-the-less.

samurai pork burger

I like~

I had two during my stay in Thailand.


WP said...

At least they have fried chicken as well... In France the McDonald's don't have fried chicken :(

Eng Seng said...

In Indonesia, McDonald's serve Happy/McValue chicken meals with white rice.

In Philippines, Kenny Roger Roasters serve Pork Spare Rip + quarter chicken meals.

J.H said...

oh, I love KFC with rice in my country :-)
And the chilli sauce is good too!!

David Cheong said...

see the post of the McD once before in Thailand, realy special la (Maybe i seldom have change to go over sea).

Anonymous said...

ya real good now