Thursday, May 29, 2008

Triple Chocolatey Cereals

Remember this name by heart.

Triple Chocolate Crunch Cereal

from Marks and Spencer.

Heaven made for chocolate lovers around the world.

marks and spencer triple chocolate crunch

Description: Light & Crunchy Clusters with Real Dark & White Chocolate Curls & Belgian Milk Chocolate pieces

I. just. died.

Superiorly sinful and heartattack worthy, I first discovered about this chocolatey chocolate cereal when I was 18, introduced by my first crush.

But they stopped importation three years ago for some reasons, I was devastated. I scouted through every Marks and Spencers around Malaysia and Singapore to no avail.

But now they back!!!

Yiipee! :D With a new recipe. Boo~ :(
(you know how new recipes always claim that they've come back with more oomph but actually they just switched to cheaper ingredients for mass production)


Well, didn't stop me there still.

I ripped open the box and plastic wrap and a rich aroma exploded into my face. Ahh~~ sweet chocolatey scent.

chocolate cereals in a box
If there's one thing that should be made out of heaven, it's chocolate.

Pair it with your Goodday fresh milk (the best milk you can find in Malaysia, not that Malaysia ever really has nice rich good al-natural milk) and BOOM!

pouring milk

Nothing but good old rich milky-chocolate cereals to awaken your sense in the morning.

triple chocolate crunch cereal

Not to mention 500 cal per 100 grams.

But hey, what is life without a bit of sins once in a while.

nicolekiss eating chocolate cereal


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Anonymous said...

Hah, Funny article
I gotta say, Im not one for chocolate, but that cereal does look awesome :)