Sunday, May 4, 2008

Target this week

To lose 2.5kg by Wednesday this week.

Method: Crash diet + running up down my condo two times every morning and night. (20 floors wei~)

It's achievable, difficult but possible, coz i know one of the two half kg is water, as I am now going through my menses and my body is full of water~ so really I am looking at losing 1.5kg, some of which are just waste and more water. More More More~~~~~

Leaving on a sailing trip this Wednesday, gotta look good for the sea baby! (yea right~)


Derek said...

All the best! Why not add skipping and play squash? Sure can reduce weight one. Hope you can reach your target!

Simon Seow said...

OMG, I-DIDN'T-CALL-YOU-FAT Nicole is back.

Davidian said...

Way to go nic..