Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tasting Room, Bangsar



and Food…


Enough said.

Tasting room provides one of the best fine dining experience at the price of a bistro pub I have tasted in KL.

Don’t let its décor fools you, how much do you think would a glass of wine and a dish of lamb shank cost you?

(No I’m not telling you the price because I kinda forgot but the price was really reasonable. RM50 or less per person?)


The Foie Gras salad appetizer was my favourite, it’s not so much the foie gras (goose liver) but the creamy Enoki mushrooms inside the crusty paste. Heaven’s it’s so creamy and nice, I love it. However I thought it was slightly expensive at RM28, maybe they should have one without the foie gras.


The fish was a lovely combination of Egyptian spices, side salads and placed on a bed of small potatoes made it really exquisite.


My favourite of all was the Carbonara (always has been). But this was exceptionally creamy, and with yellow egg yolk mixed into the sauce, it gave the whole dish a new tinge of richness.


The Chicken Pita came out rather unique. Mixed with wasabi cream, it’s a fusion of western and eastern concept and it’s really creative, well blended. Though it did come off a bit dry and is a perfect way to mix eat it with wine.

And finally,


The Strawberry Chocolate Cake, appeared to be a fondant, or a lava cake that has a very soft centre and warm chocolate syrup oozing out when you pushed it apart.

And for this dish, I highly recommend new wine drinker to mix it with a Moscato d’Asti; slightly fizzy, sweet champagne like white wine that has been proven EVERYONE will like.


Since the day, I have been going back to tasting room for more and more Moscato D’Asti. And guess what, on the day of my birthday, I ordered so many, I literally wiped the store clean of wine. So if you want more, you need to wait for their next stock to come. :p

(Before I reach there that is.)

PS// The lamb shank was delicious too! Soft and nicely cooked, medium rare I think, and the baby carrots were gorgeous.

Rating: 4/5
(wanted to give 4.5 but that might be totally because I love Moscato D’Asti aka Nivole. :D)

Nicolekiss Food and Diet First Contest!!!!

Ok, here’s a catch. I have a contest here for all you readers out there (you stand a high chance because apparently no one reads this blog -.-)

This contest is open to all Malaysians (if you’re a foreigner staying in Malaysia, also can) Now, what you need to do is comment (with email address) in the section below, the most creative comment you can come up with of why you want to dine at tasting room.

And you stand a chance to win a DINNER with Nicolekiss and the director of Wine Cellar + Tasting Room, Ron Khoo @ Tasting Room. Deadline of contest is 16th March 2008!

So fast fast!! Comment comment!!!

Tasting Room
65-1 (above Wine Cellar)
Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tue-Fri: 11.30am till late
Sat-Sun: 5pm till late
Public holidays: 5pm till late

Tel: +603 2092 4404


Adrienne said...

Its my birthday today! and my friends bought me lots of upcakes from Cupcake Chic just because i saw them on ur food blog and has been going on and on about them!..

I'm officially cupcake OD'ed

Julianimator said...

Why would I want to dine in Tasting Room...? Erm.. because I would love to experience all nice foods when I got back which I miss the most! I will only have 1 month to travel all around M'sia to makan! Here cost a fortune in order to have a nice meal and probably you can only get it in famous cities like London, Manchester, etc..etc.. T.T Unlike back home where everywhere is food!

~Bee Nee~ said...

I'm a malaysian not in malaysia.
Sadness =(((

TeddyMak said...

I just love food!

Roshni said...

You see Nicole, people do read! The moment you have a contest of some sort. Anyways, I want to dine in the Tasting Room, because I'm a fifteen year old who has never been to TGIF. :( Oh and, I absolutely love food in the sense that I appreciate food and I love fusion style food. Also, I think you're an amazing person and I would really love to meet you and over food would make it even better!

diana said...

the creamy cabonara and succulent lamb shank has been craving for some love, from me. Bring me there, bring me there!! hahahaha. Yea, and the that going to be served cold???

gregorule said...

i lurve food!!! dat's why!!!
plus my birthday is just around the corner... and i would definately love to have that as my birthday dinner~ lol
will be looking forward to the lamb shank!~ ^^

gregorule said...

i lurve food!!! dat's why!!!
plus my birthday is just around the corner... and i would definately love to have that as my birthday dinner~ lol
will be looking forward to the lamb shank!~ ^^

Anna T said...

simply because..

an average women: 125 lbs
barbie : 110 lbs MAX

and i'm just an average women (emm.. lady) who loves eating! and... dont understand anorexic.

btw, im in shape too!
[round is a shape] :D


Abby R said...

I want to dine in Tasting Room because it's been a long time since I went out to dine with a soul. I'm a lonely girl imprisoned in my own home eating home-cooked food and I'm kinda sick of it. I've been waiting patiently for someone to ask me out because it'll be a great joy if I could dine out once in a while.

Besides, I'm old enough to drink and wine happen to be my favourite alcoholic beverage. I deserve this because I hardly stepped out from my comfort zone and taste food similar to Tasting Room. It's also a good way to get to know you better.

Anonymous said...

Wine and food were INVENTED to be the perfect pairing for each another. Some people see food as a necessity, however it's an art to truly appreciate the combination of the two together.

Sadly, people don't recognize this. The general idea is that white wine compliments white meats, and red wine red meats. This might be true, however it is much deeper than that. There is much more to pairing of fine wine and good food than meets the eye, and this is what distinguishes an experienced sommelier from the everyday people, which believe it or not there are such international competitions worldwide to find the best qualified sommelier!

If the Tasting Room is anything as it sounds, it would be a fantastic experience to open one's eyes (and pants from the delicious food that would most likely bloat the tummy) and encourage more people to take up the sport. It's more than just food, it's more than just wine. It's a sport, and it's a lifestyle of choice!

Ashraf said...

You look great. The food looks even better and Ron seems like the right person to teach me a thing or two about wine. Perfect night out, I'd say.

iamthewitch said...

Nicole, I would like to dine in Tasting Room simply because I have never been able to appreciate wine, all my life! I have tried and tasted different types of wines, be it white or red, but I always thought they were too bitter or too sour. It is time to stop my friends from saying that I'm a total noob at wines and how I have missed out on one of life's greatest inventions. I would like to take this chance to change their perception and mine, and where else to do that but in the Tasting Room? :)

zhinsara said...

my boyf and i adores drinking wine. thus,

Wine comes in at the mouth
And love comes in at the eye;
That's all we shall know for truth
Before we grow old and die.
I lift the glass to my mouth,
I look at, and I sigh.

Anonymous said...

Burgundy is named in honor
Of the thirteenth century's famous scholar.

Malbec, it seems was wont to dance
With the son of the cousin of the King of France.

Merlot too, he loved to sing -
A special favourite of the King.
In the Louvre he had his quarters,

He bonked the Queen and all her daughters.

Shiraz, a middle-English word,
Its meaning now is seldom heard.
Amidst the laughter, hale and hearty,
Put very simply, means "Let's Party!"

The Duke of Cabernet, it's true,
Knew how to drink a thing or two.
His parties always had pizzazz -
Nicknamed the 'Cabernet Shiraz'.

a gift for my girlfriend.




Well, it's actually for my mum; since her birthday's coming up. I'm not in Malaysia currently, but my mum is. :D

Why would i like to dine there?

Well, food is my passion. Enough said. :)

Just to be fair, why would my mum want to dine there?

Again, we love food. Fine food has a life of its own. You actually feel different if you get to indulge in gourmet foods, like delicious lamb shank roasted to perfection and nice old vintage wine. Isn't that what life is about? Food.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Nicole,

\ ~~~ /
\ /
\ /
| @@@\
| @@---\---
| @@@/

Would you grant me Wine and Dine
at the tastilicous Room at Bangsar?


Anonymous said...

erm.. erm.. i have nothing else in mind just my friend lynn in mind.
she loves wine and her birthday is the coming 23 march.
havent seen her for few months after our graduation, and would like this to be her birthday present.

that is if i win of course

Anonymous said...

Great foods + good wines + awesome experience = Tasting Room.
Me = fun + hilarious
U = sweet + gorgeous
Together = (pick me to find out!!!)

my email:

Tina said...

Haha.. i rarely take part in contests as the chances of winning are always slim...but i just can't resist THIS!! Too attractive, too luring.. Imagine, the pleasure (sigh~) of learning, experimenting and indulging in the luxury food and drink in Tasting Room, with great companies (equally important magnetism)! [Looking forward to meeting Nicole =)] Ooh, can my imagination turns into reality? Anxiously anticipating.. Pls? Pls? Nicole? =)

Simon Seow said...

So me the food.

Eventhough you ate so much food but you still have a hour glass figure.

Anonymous said...

i wanna dine in Tasting Room coz i really enjoy food, as u can see from my figure ~_~ and also to have the chance to get to know a famous person like u personally, is a really cool thing :)


ronz said...

halo nico. My personal dining experience has been so-so onli, actually how seldom have the time to go no nice place like dat. Summore like so mahal. So hor guy like me would like to try the 4grass and cabonala. The strawbeli deset oso look so ho chiak.
I can take a biutiful lady like Nicole out and eat yummy food and chill. Cinya der kan cheong oredi la. So hopefully I win lorr. See your blog also make me hungry oredi la.
Email ok:

Adrian said...

Dear Nicole,

There is only so much food and wine one can savour.
what more can one ask for
~ with such great company , Nicole
~ and some of the best product motherland can offer
~ to pair with tears from heaven ( sparkling wines such as Moscato)

Live life and let go, no regrets :)

p/s: i am also a fan of sparkling white( a bit sweet type ) . For sure you will love Josephine i intro to you , when we meet.


Teese.Me said...

Why would I want to dine in Tasting Room?
Because I don't know much about wine. although, I think wine is fabulous during celebrations! Perhaps its time to celebrate with a great drink in hand while knowing the beauty of wine at the same time. :) Killing 2 birds with one stone ey?

by the way, i love your blog.

roxane said...

to me,

lamb shank = Heaven on earth

good food = Life


good food + Moscato D' Asti + Nicole and Ron

nothing could be better~!!

p/s: Love ur blog.. =)

Anonymous said...

jeez...looks like cooks abroad are killing typical Italian foods!

Carbonara and Bolognese (fyi: bolognese means nothing, eventually "ragu' alla bolognese" which doesn't seem to match tomatoes+beef and the yellow stuff above a so called pasta-wtf??) make me smelling! Carbonara looks like a soup with no link to the original one (too far from a possible re-styling as well :-S). Excellent carbonara restyling comes from the 1st ranking Italian restaurant which is nr.4 World as well. I'm lucky enough to live in the same city.

Probably you should visit Italy to taste real food (we have bad cooks as well ;-))
During my trips abroad I always found local dishes to be the best meals I had...whenever people tried to imitate (badly) a sort of Italian/International cooking it always sucked big time!

Moscato D'Asti/dessert duo is ok. Also: drinking Moscato ("Spumante Ferrari" is the best of them all) + eating grape to welcome the new year (rumored to bring some luck) sounds good.

Dessert wine which matches cakes and biscuits: Ramandolo, Piccolit, Recioto (them all belong to North-Eastern Italy).

Happy non Italian dishes tasting :-))