Monday, September 22, 2008

Are you happy?

I thought I should share some of my more personal thoughts here in my food blog rather than my main blog because I have way smaller audience and readers in this section.

You know when you are thin, you feel good about yourself because you can wear anything and look good in it. I am wishing I am thin at the moment so I can look good and feel good about myself right about now.

It's not that I am not confident, but there are days when you wake up and you feel totally crap about yourself, and it tends to happen more often when you are bloated and aren't exactly fitting into that skinny jeans of yours.

One of the most effective remedies I have found to losing weight, is to be happy. Contrary to popular belief, when I feel happy (like really happy, or even in love), I lose a hell lot of weight. I tend not to binge eat or stress eat, I want to do a lot of activities and happiness is the greatest medicine for suppressing your hunger. Kinda like how cigarettes work for some.

Recently I find myself humming throughout the day, for no particular reasons really. And I look forward to everyday that is to come. I love this feeling, it's like falling in love, with life and with the world.

And it didn't matter what the most negative thing can be said about you, you won't be affected no matter what because you're just too happy to care.

Happiness, is the key.


WP said...

That's a nice way of looking at things...I think I'd better stay happy then!

horiyochi said...

Being happy will not help on reducing weight, for me. Instead putting on some... Stress will.

But I totally agree with you Nicole, happiness is the key. I don't mind being little bit chubby and live a happier life :D

aims said...

Yes, that's so true. I find myself piling on the weight when I'm stressed or depressed and vice versa when I'm happy. Couldn't agree more! :)

Rafael said...

Really you feel well when you lose something of weight, but it is not necessary to to take it as an obsession in this life. In all that you get obsessed they begin the changes of humor after any commentary.

Congratulations for the blog, of so much seeing photos of food I am hungry!!!

ahlost said...

I eat a lot no matter what kind of mood I have :X

Illustrator said...

happiness is the key to everything, really ;D