Saturday, September 27, 2008

Best Pork Chop in the World

is in Bangkok Chaktukchak market.

It's near the cutlery and plates section, near to a white wall exit (not the BTS entrance/exit).

pork chop vendor

They're Bangkok's signature dish and oh so juicy can die.

If you're ever in Thailand. Drop me a mail and I'll bring you over for a taste, free guide, on me. ;)

The offer stands as long as I'm staying here (which should be till March 2009). :)

pork chop

They're the juiciest sweetest thing you will ever find. Guaranteed! :D


Willar said...


sheon said...

ok...bangkok it is!!

D@rryLreAta said...

now then i notice you have a food and diet blog. pretty interesting food post you have there.

The pork chop is sure look yummy! surely the juiciest ones i saw.

Simon Seow said...

wah, have to plan on a trip to Bangkok b4 March 2009 lor then.

tanalan2 said...

Do they eat it with pulut ?? Hmm....since its such a good offer..must plan a trip to Bkk before March 09 !!!

I buy you pork chop , you become my tourguide !! Deal ??????

Please say YES !!!

Nicocoa said...

tanalan2; i better starve myself for 5 days 5 nights before u come to make it worth while. LOL


Regina Ng said...

sigh~~ Why Why WHy!
Why you make this offer after I just came back from my Bangkok trip...
I didn't know you were going to stay in Bangkok or else I would have ask you out... sob..

J.H said...

is the pork chop looks reddish or is it just the lighting make it looks red.
But goodness, they still look yummy!

Pump SS said...

็I live in Bangkok but I never tasted it yet! Is your
offer still valid? lol

BTW nice blog I enjoy it ^__^

SASHA said...


*shakes your hand*

My name is Sasha. Been browsing your Thailand posts. I will be in Bangkok early December (4th) for four days. Been trying to familiarize myself with the Bangkok map/BTS rail system at the moment. Needs a lot of getting use to.. =S

By the way, is this Pork Chop shop the ONLY one near the entrance?? I MISS PORK!! GOOD PORK, that is.. =D

Hope to hear from you soon. oh, by the way, can i email you if I have any questions about BKK?

my email: sasha.delancey[at]gmail[dot]com


Bangkok Hotels said...

Is it so spicy pork ? Because it' red color. However, it would be tasty... Maybe i will come weekend Jatujak Market for shopping and eating. Many thanks.