Monday, June 15, 2009

Hong Kong Delicacies

Hong Kong is bursting with food. All the goodness in the world.

smelly tofu
Smelly Tofu

My trip to Hong Kong was a taste bud tantalizing journey. Here I would like to introduce some of the best food one can find in Hong Kong. I have formed a list, and a lot of photos. So brace yourself.

Dan Dan Noodles

Hong Kong is quite popular for their dan dan noodles, which you can find almost anywhere. In most cafe restaurant or "Cha Chan Teng" or perhaps small street side restaurants around.

spicy dan dan noodle

Two of the most staple styles are the spicy Sze Chuan style

dan dan noodle

and the mince pork dan dan noodle.

mince pork dan dan noodle

We also had pork chop as a side serving.

fried pork chop

It was thick slices and really tender and juicy.

Fried Rice

When it comes to eating in Hong Kong, you can find everything that's famous in Mainland China here.

The "Yang Zhou Fried Rice" for example. (Yang Zhou - a place)

yang zhou fried rice

And also the "Xian Yu" Fried Rice (Xian Yu - salted fish), with pork chop.

pork chop with yang zhou fried rice

Mango Puddings

For desserts, as blogged in my previous entry, you can find the Hui Lau Shan's mango desserts almost everywhere in Hong Kong.

hong kong mango pudding

Try ordering the original flavour, and maybe another one with the bird nest and ice creams.

mango pudding

They're so amazing it'll be ridiculous not to try it.

Wife's Cookies/Cakes

wing wah wife cookies

Wing Wah, no other brand better. Just try it. You will know.

Head to a branch before 2pm to savour a fresh out of the oven piece and you will see heaven shining lights upon you. Like it did me.

Pen Cai (Bowl Vege)

pen cai 2

For something that's straight out of a Chinese version village storybook, try the "Pen Cai", literally means a pale or bowl of mix dishes/vege.

There're no appetisers, main course, nor desserts. It's just all one kick ass dish, one table, one group of hungry people.

eating pen cai

pen cai close up

You'll find everything inside one dish, from chicken, to duck, sometimes fish, pork, vegetables,

my plate

or in this case, lots of lotus roots.

pen cai

The cheapest ingredients were always the last to be finished. That's how Chinese eats.

eating lotus root
"Ou Duan Si Lian" (Chinese indiom - of how strings still attached when lotus root is halfed, often indicating about relationship)

Dim Sum

The best food to have in Hong Kong. Or Hong Kong's best food to have - Dim Sum.

hong kong dim sum

Some prefer to call it "Yum Cha" (drink tea).

Dim Sum can be eaten in the morning, or have in the afternoon during tea break in other culture like Shanghai or Guang Zhou.

But here in Hong Kong, you can have it any time of the day.

Most Chinese will usually opt for the signature Dim Sum dish, such as:

Siew Mai

siu mai

Minced meat/prawn mix half wrapped revealing top part, usually sprinkled with caviar.

siu mai close up

Har Kao

har kao

Steamed wrapped prawn dumplings which "skins" are usually thin like glass paper hence creating melt in your mouth sensation.

Chee Cheong Fan

chee cheong fan

Usually wrapped inside are prawns or minced pork, served with sweet soya sauce and spring onions, eaten best when dipped in chili oil.



Usually served as starters before dim sum arrives.

I never like ordering or eating congee with my dim sum because then I'll get too full to eat the rest.

congee and scallops

But most uncles and aunties around me have the habit of ordering congee every single time they eat dim sum.

Fried Spring Rolls

spring rolls

They're kids' all time favourite. One can fill almost anything inside these rolls and still be a delightable bite off the table.

fried spring roll

I usually prefer mine with minced pork. Though you can also find other stuffing like prawns, carrots, turnips, lettuce, etc.

Shui Jiao (Steamed Dumplings)

vege dumplings

Like spring roll, you can have almost any sort of filling in a dumpling. Most restaurants will have more than two types of dumplings at any one time.

Siew Long Pao (steamed pork dumplings)

siew long pao

Became internationall well known in the Dim Sum world since the introduction and commercialization of the dish in Shanghai.

They can be found in all better known dim sum restaurant throughout the country.

Radish Cakes

radish cakes

A de javu dish. Known to be a peasant dish, fried radish cakes are now served on the table alongside the rich and wealthy's dish such as Siew Mai and Har Kao.

Char Siew Pao

char siew paos

Another classic dim sum - steamed bun with sweet minced pork. My favourite dim sum of all time.

Fried Pao

fried pao

Concept of fried dim sum was introduced when restaurant have left overs of prepared dim sum but didn't want to throw away on the day itself, so they fried it the next day to serve as an additional dish on the menu to customers.

I had fried siew mai before, it's nice when served with mayo. But I really don't really the tongue tingling part of fried pao, apart from the oiliness.

But there you do. A list of Hong Kong food.


WP said...

You are making my mouth water...

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u make me damn hungry early in the morning...looks damn delicious

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you are making us drools..!@!

caseyliew said...

i am hungry now, and i am buying myself a ticket to hk right away!

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Wowww......Food heaven!!!!

not your ordinary blogger; said...

hugely influenced by the Cantonese food culture. however hongkie has a big food revolution through out the years. no doubt that the dim sum in hk is the best! They are just a few steps in front of us in the F&B concept!

abraxis said...

What about won ton noodles? Simple broth, prawns in the won tons, egg noodles made with a bamboo pole.

Nothing like it and an HK specialty.
It's hard to make the simple dish right!

Or daan taat from Tai Cheong Bakery? I think you need to make a return trip...

Simon Seow said...

Too bad it's not a good time to go to HK now. Hope it's good to go next year.

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where is the dim sum place? Hui Lao Shan's mango stuff is really nice!

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I want those Dim Sum!!! Mind to export them to me via FedEx?