Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hong Kong French Toast Project - Failed

Weeks ago I was hungry and there was nothing much to eat in the house.

Inspired by Kim Gary's french toast which we had a day ago, we attempted to make our own instead of driving out all to pay RM4.50 for a piece of fried egg toast covered in honey and butter.

ugly food

The result was horrible. A total failure. No, a total disaster beyond repair.

hong kong french toast lookalike

After locating several recipes online for a typical Hong Kong french toast, we were convinced that it was piece of cake to make our very own, one that's identical to Kim Gary's, if not then at least a large resemblence, homemade french toast - Hong Kong style.

According to the recipe, the breads were meant to be dipped in a mixture of beaten eggs, milk, sugar and teaspoon of vanilla essence after having it generously spread upon a thick layer of peanut butter.

Somehow the very quick "dip" was so swift to soak up the egg mixture that by the time it was moved to the frying pan, it was soggy and gooey.

The result was unbearably........ ugly.

peanut butter goo

digusting food

failed hk french toast

peanut butter and pudding like toast

disgusting french toast

I really don't know how to describe the whole thing, was it soggy cakey? or wet goo? or oily slimey? Needless to know, the whole thing was chucked into the bin before we managed to proceed the second mouthful.

left over HK french toast

Well, at least the photos were good.


In-Jaul said...

I think you let the bread soak for too long. :) If you dip the bread literally for only a few seconds, then transfer it to the pan, it should turn out better.

Simon Seow said...