Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TGI Friday's

You know TGIF is your everyday family favourites when you ran out of ideas to eat and want to have some good old sinful fatty goodness.

fried cheese cubes

Our appetizers started with deep fried Mac n Cheese cubes and cajun chicken strips.

TGIF chicken strips

Loved the strips. Not sure about the cheese cubes.

chicken strips

For mains, we had the sizzling chicken and cheese,

TGIF chicken

which was alright but maybe a bit too dry as it was chicken breasts. The grilled capsicum was splendid though.

fish and chips,

fish and chips

Amusingly quite delicious. Fresh and not too oily. Fried to perfection.
Have always loved thick cut fries.

and finally the highlight of the day Jack Daniel's® Glazed Ribs.

beef ribs

Which was, surprisingly, a flop.

The beef wasn't tender, was quite meatless, bone bigger than flesh, tough and dry. Only thing enjoyable about the dish was the fries and sauce. Not justifiable at all provided the price paid. (over RM40++)

rating: 3/5

TGI Friday's
for location, go to TGIF website.


Nigel Foong Jee Lip said...

No bad! TGIF's food looks good to me... My FAV! Cheezzzz~ But sad to say, Ipoh, Perak doesn't has a franchise of TGIF...

Hopefully can go there when I'm in KL or somewhere else got it...

caseyliew said...

its funny in the way your comment point lists it as "poke at nicole's fat", and that's some fatty food!