Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hong Kong Mango Pudding @ Hui Lau Shan

One of must try dessert in the world is the Mango Pudding of Hui Lau Shan in Hong Kong.

hong kong mango pudding

Rich in mango flavour, full of oomph! and oh so good.

The restaurant serves a variety of mango pudding from ice blended to ice cream topped to bird nest mango pudding.

mango pudding

This dish is topped with bird nest, mango fruit and mango and coconut? ice creams.

mango pudding with bird nest and ice cream

mango pudding and ice cream

An absolute sinner.

We also ordered the three portion mango treats that came with glutinous rice ball in mango sauce, mango mochi covered with coconut shreds, & mango ice cream on top of a bed of bird nest.

three types of mango pudding

I didn't quite like the mochi or the glutinous rice ball. It would have been better off ordering a whole portion of the classic mango pudding with bird nest.

three types of hong kong mango puddings

Here are some of the items off the menu list, together with the pricings for your references. They're all in HK dollar (HKD 2 =~ RM1)

hui lau shan menu 2

hui lau shan menu 4

hui lau shan menu 3

hui lau shan menu

hui lau shan menu 5

Made you pick yet?

Time to book a flight to Hong Kong. :D

mango puddings

rating: 3.5/5

Hui Lau Shan
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caseyliew said...

Gonna go home at make myself some mango juice........ at least that's gonna make myself feel better from all the mango-ee stuff with ya

alex said...

i miss hui lau shan. what i don't miss are the small ass tables .. though my american arse is smaller than your average american, it still does not squeeze into the seating area very well.