Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kopitiam @ Swissotel Singapore

Ever been to a high class Kopitiam?

kopitiam singapore restaurant

Never try you never will know.

Head to the Swissotel in Singapore for your dosage 5-star kopi-o (black coffee) and milo dinosaur.

And waiters dress in suits.

kopitiam in swissotel singapore

They served local "authentic" (not sure if upgrading to a 5-star is still considered authentic or not) cuisines such as braised pork with bun.

braised pork and bun

braised pork

Trust me, it looked better than it tasted.

However the prawn fritters with mango sauce was quite a delight.

prawn fritters

Pricey though. (can't remember how much, I wasn't the one paying :p)

One thing fascinating that caught my eye in the menu (apart from the price) was this,

kopitiam menu
Just imagine, if one teh tarik cost 6 sing dollar, how much does a plate of fried rice cost? 0.O

Milo Godzilla.

milo godzilla full view

You've probably tried Milo Dinosaur (if not, visit this restaurant for a try)

But Milo Godzilla??!! at SGD8.50?!

This I have to try.

milo godzilla

Turned out, it's actually Milo Dinosaur, with two scoops of vanila ice creams inside.


But it's awesome. Rich, rich and uber chocolate-y rich.

It'd be nicer if I could finish it. (I probably could if not for all the food ordered)

A friend ordered chicken rice, which came in a set (it seems).

chicken rice

It wasn't anything fancy really, just really posh despite the irony of having your street side food served by polite suited waiters in a fully air-conditioned expensive hotel.

The Yang Zhou Fried Rice was worth the order.

yang zhou fried rice

5-star kopitiam. Try it. ;)

Rating: 3/5

Kopitiam Singapore Restaurant
Located in Swissotel Singapore.

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BanBan said...

Quite pricey, excellent service. I think there are some hits (Laska, fish head curry) and misses (many of the rest. Not quite sure if I would return with a Raffles card.