Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oscars @ McLaren Vale

One of the nicest boutique Italian restaurant I've come across in Australia is in the wine country of McLaren Vale, an hour south of Adelaide.

oscars restaurant


Their appetizers were presentable with a hint of character. Not the typical boring copy-and-redo type of food you'll find in other Italian restaurants.

chicken liver pate and mango chutney

Try the Chicken Liver Pate with Mango Chutney served with Pita Bread.

chicken liver pate

Love the pita bread concept.

Their homemade bread with Dukkah dip was not bad too.


Dukkah, an Egyptian mixture of seeds, nuts and Middle Eastern spices.

bread and olive oil

Usually have it with Egyptian baladi bread dipping into olive oil and then into the spice mixture.

Tangy, spicy, very fragrant. Not my kind of dish. But nice bread.

Their list of pizzas were a hit among the locals and foreigners.

oscars menu

We had the Mediterranean and the Tandoori Chicken flavours: 2 in 1.

mediterranean and tandoori chicken pizza

What attracted me was the sinful generous dollops of sour cream on top of the Tandoori Chicken Pizza.

tandoori chicken pizza

Oh heaven.

End it with a cup of good coffee or latter.


Rating: 4.5/5 (Food, Ambiance, Service. Perfect.)


oscars address

Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week
BYO (Bring Your Own)

Contact: +61 (08) 8323 8707

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Von said...

Not now up to previous standards, overpriced and the deserts more like a kid's birthday party.Disappointing lately.