Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kuih Bakar

I've always been a fan of Malay Kuih-muih (cakes); last I tried Kuih Lompat Tikam though I still prefer my all-time favorite Kuih Talam (green pandan top white coconut milk bottom), my second favorite has to be Kuih Bakar.


It's an egg-based cake using pandan as dye, hence the aromatic pandan flavor   . Usually drizzled with sesame seeds (not my favorite :S)

Kuih Bakar is a very traditional Malay kuih, you can find this in almost all malay cake stalls.
And it's always the cake I will always keep my eyes peeled for whenever I approach one of these stalls.



What's your favourite Malay kuih? 

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WP said...

I love kuih bakar too! And I actually like the sesame seeds on top.

I'm such a glutton, I don't know what's my favourite. Though maybe onde-onde might make it, I love it when they pop in your mouth and release the sugary "juice". It's been hard to find it though...especially good ones.