Wednesday, September 26, 2012

McDonald Samurai Beef Burger

The launch of the latest promo product Samurai Beef Burger in Mcdonald struck a cord in my belly when I first got notified via SMS.

I knew I have to try it.

And one couldn't help but to compare it to its famous counterpart, a permanent menu item in Thailand's McD: Samurai Pork Burger.

Mcdonald Samurai Beef Burger

Order large and it comes with Katsu Curry Shaker Fries.

I have never missed a shaker fries. It's one of the perks (for me) of dining in Mcdonald.

I wasn't so keen on the sakura fizzy drink so I opted for mineral water instead.

Mcdonald Samurai Beef Burger

Mcdonald Samurai Beef Burger

Mcdonald katsu curry shaker fries

Mcdonald katsu curry shaker fries

The verdict:
Good sizing for a burger, not too big but the usual cheeseburger size, lots of samurai sauce (which sort of resembles more of teriyaki sauce; sweetish, I like it), with an unhealthy dose of mayonnaise on top of the brown sauce, lettuce and very well cooked beef patty - soft, tender and juicy.

This is from the Mont Kiara branch,  They do serve very good beef burgers in their outlet here.

The shaker fries is a let down, though. Overly salty, which made me bloat that night. The katsu curry flavor wasn't there and it has a yellow-ish stain like most curry or satay sauce would; which is weird coming from some artificial seasonings. This is the first shaker fries that I actually do not like. :(

I will be back for more of the Samurai Beef Burger alone and here's hoping that McD adds this to their permanent menu item. 

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