Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lewisgene Espresso @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Made a breakfast trip to the newly opened Lewisgene Expresso at Solaris Mont Kiara (above Chilla Cup).

I don't drink coffee but I read that they serve waffle with peanut butter, mmm...

The place was locked when I arrived in the morning even though Chilla Cup was always packed with business people. After comtemplating for 2 minutes whether to leave and settle for Chilla Cup's pretzel, a waiter came over from the counter (blind spot) and unlocked to let us in.

My breakfast this morning. Peanut buttery goodness. #foodporn #breakfast #peanutbutter

Partner and I ordered two pieces of waffles, one each, and settled for water, neither of us is a coffee drinker. The irony of dining in such a place. lol.

Crispy, a tad too hard but overall nice. Lovely peanut butter. Free refill of peanut butter was always a plus.

Saw some chocolate velvet mille crepes over the counter and had to order one.

Chocolate velvet crepes. Looks nice, taste tough.  #dessert #foodporn

turned out to stone cold. Tasted like overnight cream cakes. Completely inedible. Had the waiter taken the whole piece back, good that they didn't charge us for the cake. 

Would have been nice chill-out place for a cup of coffee, well hidden on the second floor.

Lewisgene Espresso Tea & Machines
2-1, Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.
016-328 4438

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WP said...

Looks yummy! Even the cake, actually... I guess the staleness didn't change its appearance. :P