Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I am Guilty. Dragon Fruits Save it All.

Yes I am. So guilty. Guilty as charged.

Is this the 7th? 8th? or is it 9th day of my detox? Gosh, I totally lost track. I don't think I ever follow it, coz you know what? It's just too difficult when your friends are asking you out every day for lunch and dinner.

The temptation is too much!

And it's rude to say no.

But... Ah... all is not lost.

Guess what? That 8/12 regime I mentioned. It really worked!!

I lost a total of...

*deng deng deng*

1 KG wtf

but but but... wait.. listen to me...

I only ever did it ONCE. YES ONCE!! It really works!!! And, I didn't even go on a detox diet. Not strictly anyway. I follow a one meal per day diet, and some fruits and snacks (though slightly unhealthy ones) during other times.

Oh, and I realised, sweet red dragon fruits are awesome detox food. They cleanse your system faster than you nearby drug store's laxatives can. And they're delicious too. And and and... they really 'pangs' those hunger. It's a fantastic snack and food.

I'm placing an order of 10 red delicious dragon fruit from my aunt, who grew a heck of sweet and large juicy dragon fruits. Yum Yum.

Can't wait for my next dragon fruit diet. I think I am getting a hang of this.


whisperingshout said...

What are you doing by starving yourself crazy here?

Detox..try fruits/veges only detox. Just google it. You can find tones of information.

Basically, one eats only fruits/veges for a week or two, day in day out. I just tried for the very first time in my life last month. And it really works!!!

These were my diet;
- lemon
- apple
- orange
- pineapple (too sweet, no good)
- pear (too sweet, no good)
- celery
- tomatoes
- milo
- ready-made grains
- (lots of water)

Sometimes, I blended the mixture of fruits/veges. Don't peel the apples or tomatoes. Best to eat the fiber as well.

Avoid off-the-shelf fruit juices and processed sugar. That means, I took only milo kosong :( Should have avoided the milo and grains but my first time leh...hehe

Managed to complete only 5 days of detoxing and the result is amazing. Now, my bowel movement is very healthy and less fatigue. Shed off some weight as well, but I never have weight problem/worry ;) Now I believe it really flushed away toxin from my body :D

Only on the first day of the diet, I felt hungry and sleepy. On and off, I slept most of the time. Beyond that, there was only temptation to fight off. Hunger was not even an issue.

I read abt this long time ago, but never take it seriously. Give this a try. It really works!!!

whisperingshout said...

Little bit of info here. I think you're also another not so good follower of instructions...haha

Nicocoa said...

but... so strict... T_T... i sure give up after first day

whisperingshout said...
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whisperingshout said...

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No need to fight hunger. Just eat fruit/vege when you're hungry.

Lal Dupatta said...

1 KG WTF? I would say it is quite an achievement in such a short period. Imagine, 1 kg is about the weight of 3 big can of luncheon meat. Do you feel any better if I put it this way? :P

~~~Nothing Else Matters~~~

Zul of Chelsea said...

lol...the Dragon Lady diet! :D

I was wonderin' if you were keeping to your diet, since you've not been updating your diet blog.

Anyways, it's good to know you're on a fruit-rich diet, that's always good for the body. Although don't be too shocked if you find the 1kg coming back, because that's likely to be water that you've lost, not weight. Weight loss takes a bit more time, but you're on the right track.

And if you're getting multiple dinner invitations, there is one way you can still maintain a good diet. The first thing to do is to not eat anything(which takes massive willpower which even the most obsessive-compulsive dieters have trouble producing), the second is to eat, but order small portions...Another technique that works(and I practise this, too) is eating food on medium-sized plates, because with a smaller plate you can't load it with too much food, and even if it's full, the plate is small so you're not really eating a lot. :)

Hang in there, and have a safe "fruitful" journey back to Melaka ey! :D