Saturday, September 15, 2007

Detox Week - Day 1

Going from a normal eating habit to a food-less one can be one of the toughest task to achieve, not to mention the toughest habit to kick.

I woke up in the morning drinking enough water to keep me hydrated. Till now, I refrain from installing a set of curtain in my living room (that's where I normally sleep despite owning a queen size bed in my bed room) because the sun light helps me maintain a healthy sleeping hour.

I wake up at 7 or 8 every morning, occasionally will dive into my Ikea blanket till 10am but that will be the maximum, that's when I wake up, go online, and see what's new in the world today.

As noon hit, I found myself snacking little-ly from my Japan snack box. Being a traveller, everything found around the house are imported. They are either from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, or any other country that I have travelled to in recent times.

A friend visited in the evening to help me format my PC, which has a bug to it. But in the end we ended having dinner outside and there goes my food-less day 1.

Morning & Afternoon: Two Pockys box

Evening: A plate of creamy seafood Alfredo (not so good for my dietary)

Exercise: Nil.

Can't be bothered to weigh myself today.

I don't deem to starve myself instantaneously, reducing food intake till I manage to hit complete detox seem more appropriate. Tomorrow is another day, another challenge.

Damn those chocolate looks so tantalising.

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Zul of Chelsea said...

LOL, i don't weigh myself anymore because I find that seeing "X" amount of kilos on a weighing machine is just never as satisfying as having friends come up to you and say "You look great! Have you lost weight?". :)

Nicole, try to get your hands on some fermented green tea. I've read that fermented green tea, specifically okinawan green tea is really effective in helping a person lose weight ( It also loosens bowel movement, so expect many "fun" trips to the bathroom. :P