Monday, September 17, 2007

Detox Week - Day 3

My period hits today. Suddenly I have all the reasons in the world to binge. Which is not a good thing.

I have cravings for almost everything I've come across, but only today. And feeling cranky from morning didn't help on my diet control.

The pain was too much to endure thus exercising was definitely out of my topic.

Breakfast: Two ice creams cones o.O

Lunch: Dragon Fruit

Dinner: Half a plate of shell pasta alfredo from Italiannes

Deadly sins, oh why do I commit thee...

Someone sent me an interesting article today.

Read it here.

Might be helpful.

So tomorrow onwards, less cravings, less snackings, and more water. Will work on my 8/12 work out as the article suggests.

Weight: still not going to weigh myself as it might prove pointless.

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Zul of Chelsea said...

Hey, that advice on exercise is really good! Short, controlled bursts equals a healthy body! And to think I punished myself running 7km a day when I was dieting...blargh! :P