Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why do I create this blog?

This blog serves one sole purpose, to control and keep a record of my diet.

Yes, I am aware that I have gained a cosiderable amount of weight since early this year.

By considerable, it's 7 kg to be exact. And red light is blinking. If I do not take any precautions, I might even end up obese (if I am not already).

Lucky for some people, it is almost impossible for them to gain weight; as for others, gaining weight is only up to a certain limit.

Unfortunate for me, there is no limit.

I remember returning from England almost 3 years ago being 10 kg heavier than when I left. It was a serious issue for me, and I was desperate to lose weight.

If I do not take heed, god knows how heavy I am going to end up, maybe 100kg?

You might say I am shallow, or I am vain. Who isn't?

You might even say I am a fashion victim to be in this slim aneroxic world. Well to be frank, I am concern. I am concern how people look at me and I am concern about my appearance. And I know that when I am not happy about my appearance, or that my appearance does not give me confidence I need, and I can't take it as how it is and accept that fact that I am still beautiful though I'm fat; then it is time to do something about myself, is it time to change.

I am not sure about the ethics behind true beauty. I know that I want to do this for my own good, for health reasons and to serve as a confidence booster. Not for anyone else because I know my friends love me for who I am now even though I am chubby at the moment. :)

So why can't I lose weight?


Zul of Chelsea said...

Nicole, you seriously have to stop this nonsense about thinking you're fat.

1) You have a terribly flawed view of your own body, and of people's perception of your body.

2) You care too much about what people say about you, that you fail to acknowledge the good things that people see in you!

I'm adding you to my list of girls who think they're fat when they're not. It's a looooooong list :)

I just hope for your sake, that you don't end up looking too freakin' thin. You don't need to, but if you must...don't shed more than 3kg...

but personally, I think you look better with curves OK :P If you lost 7kg, I reckon you'd look depressed and less radiant...oh well...not like it matters, since so many ppl keep saying you're fat on your blog.

Oh, you know what, if somebody says you're fat on this blog, delete the comment :) I seriously don't think that type of comment will motivate you, unless you're glutton for insults :)

PatG said...

never mind them. we girls understand. :)

PatG said...

sorry for double commenting but my mum told me to never shed more than 5 kg at once. you'll end up with lines beside each sides of your nose. and u can never fill THAT up.

well, if u know what im saying la..

Aronil said...

Hey nicole :) aronil here.. sorry I didn't manage to say hi to ya at the Traffic Jam...

Are you serious??? You don't need to diet my gosh! You're perfectly fine :) Although i can understand if you're saying that the number you piled back on is quite daunting.

But it's good to know that you are at least keeping yourself healthy :)